UPdate: BillFixers is Our Newest Partner!

August 3, 2023

We are happy to announce the newest addition to the UPshow partner roster: BillFixers!

As the cord cutting trend grows amongst businesses, one thing that holds some of them back is making the call to cancel their cable. This phone call can be intimidating and tedious, requiring business owners to spend valuable time navigating the red tape of ending the relationship with their cable provider.

BillFixers is a team of experts dedicated to lowering your monthly bills from big companies like tv and internet providers. Instead of you having to wade through red tape, complicated billing statements and long hold times, BillFixers will negotiate lower bills on your behalf. BillFixers’ partnership with UPshow now makes it easier than ever for you to transition from cable to social TV by cancelling your cable bill for free. No hassle, no stress, and absolutely no hours wasted on the phone instead of making your business better.

UPshow customers will have special access to this service as soon as they sign up.

We are always looking for ways to improve the UPshow experience, and are looking forward to an even smoother transition process with BillFixers!

Want Social TV and your cable cancelled for you? Call us at 855-7-UPSHOW or email Tom Fluegel at tom@upshow.tv

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