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Dave & Buster’s Drives the Best Customer and Employee Experience on One Platform


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About the Client

Dave & Buster’s Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLAY), headquartered in Dallas, TX, operates over 145 high-volume restaurant/entertainment complexes throughout North America. Each Dave & Buster’s offers an impressive selection of high-quality food and beverage items, combined with the latest games and attractions. Guests can watch sporting events in the D&B Sports Bar and play state-of-the-art simulators and games of skill they can’t play anywhere else. For more information, please visit

The Challenge

Dave & Buster’s decided they needed to unify their on-premise Guest experience across all their locations — and they chose to tackle Team Member experience at the same time. While they needed a partner who could power their WOW Walls — the 40-foot LED screen — as well as screens throughout the Midway and sports bar areas, they also needed the flexibility to communicate with their Team Members, too. And that’s where UPshow came in.

The Solution

Streamlined Message Deployment for Guests

When you have guests moving through several zones in your business, keeping your messaging consistent can be difficult. Updating that messaging as specials come and go is often part of a long and tedious process, as was the case for Dave & Buster’s.

Messaging changes couldn’t be made in a timely manner because multiple vendors were in use for all the different displays. This meant the team only changed messaging when they absolutely had to — and only a couple of times a year, at best.

With UPshow, the Dave & Buster’s marketing team has a single source of truth. The team can go into their account at the top level and push updates down to screens across their 145+ locations. This makes updates simple and painless. And if their schedules are booked, they can ask their customer service team to help out, making changes inside their account on their behalf.

Now, the Dave & Buster’s team doesn’t have to rely on store managers to update their screens via thumb drives. They have insight into exactly what’s running on every screen and can make quick and easy adjustments as necessary.

Engaging Corporate Communications for Team Members

Every business knows how difficult it is to communicate effectively to team members. That’s why Dave & Buster’s has always used screens in their back-of-house.

However, they experienced the same challenges as their front-of-house: updating the screens was difficult, managers would sometimes post messages that weren’t approved, and tracking was impossible.

When Dave & Buster’s decided to go with UPshow for their front-of-house screens, they decided to purchase UPshow SHIFT as well.

UPshow SHIFT streamlines back-of-house communications for hospitality businesses, enabling managers to communicate more effectively with their employees.

Now, Dave & Buster’s can get timely messages out to the whole team — a critical feature when not everyone is glued to their emails. With dynamic Spotlights that utilize video to grab attention, Dave & Buster’s can get workers to view a communication in 30 seconds that would otherwise take weeks to see on their LMS.

“UPshow is incredibly flexible. Some store managers only use the messaging that we push out from the top. Others are excited to post their own messaging,” says Matt Harper, Senior International Specialist.

Plus, with UPshow’s built-in QR code creator, every message is measurable. Nearly 80% of Dave & Buster’s positions are filled internally, and the team is able to measure interest in a position based on the number of times the QR code leading to the application is scanned.

Measurable Success

Understanding the impact of communications is critical for all businesses. That’s why Dave & Buster’s uses QR codes in many of their communications.

One of their best-performing communications remains their “Now Hiring” Spotlight, which runs throughout their Midway, bar and dining areas to draw in new talent. Since its deployment, it has received nearly 30 million impressions and over 12,000 scans.

A Scalable Solution for Customers and Employees

Standalone kiosks are an expensive solution for hospitality businesses like Dave & Buster’s — especially when they already have television screens located throughout their venue. That’s why UPshow makes tremendous financial sense. UPshow allows businesses to leverage the screens they already have to do both customer- and employee-facing messaging.

The Results

By partnering with UPshow, Dave & Buster’s was able to bring a unified, digital experience to all their stores for both Guests and Team Members. Guests in every part of a Dave & Buster’s now see cohesive, actionable messaging that informs them of ongoing promotions, drives them to make food and beverage purchases, and enhances their overall in-store experience whether they are playing games in the Midway or having a drink at the bar. In the back of house, Team Members receive recognition for their accomplishments and milestones while also engaging with video training and Team Member communications.