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Digital Screens Improve Engagement, Concessions Sales at the Kane County Cougars’ Stadium

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About the Client

The Kane County Cougars have been providing quality family entertainment just east of Chicago for over 30 years. When the minor league baseball team isn’t playing, the field is used for fireworks, running the bases, and other family-oriented community events.

The Challenge

Senior Director of Finance and Administration Doug Czurylo wanted to give the concourse surrounding the playing field a more modern feeling. Digital screens were the solution, but he quickly found the technology powering those screens to be complex. 

The Results

UPshow’s plug-and-play customer experience platform provided Doug and the Kane County Cougars with the easy-to-use system they searched for. With UPshow, the team has modernized their concourse, personalized the fan experience and improved revenue through concessions sales all with their digital screens. 

The Solution

A Modern, Digital Experience

Over the past 30 years, the Kane County Cougars have grown substantially. When the team first incorporated, they considered 3,000 fans attending an event to be a success. Now, they see upwards of three times that many on some nights.

To meet the needs of their increasing guests, the team decided to modernize the concourse. As they began researching options, they knew they wanted digital screens that would incorporate their social media feeds, but they didn’t know what solution would work best for them. They experimented with several solutions that were complicated and difficult to manage before finding UPshow.

After implementing UPshow on their new, digital screens, the team realized they could do so much more than simply use the screens as a social feed. As COVID restrictions lifted, the team installed additional UPshow powered screens above their concessions stands. Not only do these menu boards give guests important pricing and allergy information, but the team set them up to run enticing videos of the food being prepared and beverages being poured.

Now, guests see the menu boards from across the concourse. The engaging videos and vibrant menu designs draw guests to concessions, resulting in an improved ordering experience as well as an increase in concessions orders.

Easy-to-Use Content Creation

UPshow’s intuitive design makes it incredibly easy to use. The Canva integration provides clients access to professionally designed templates, but clients can also upload their own work, as the Kane County Cougars have done. 

After designing their on-screen content, they quickly and easily build content playlists.

“It’s literally the easiest thing ever,” said Doug Czurylo. “I have one playlist that runs on the menu boards from Friday to Wednesday, and then we do a screen takeover for our Thirsty Thursday event. It runs seamlessly. We never run into any issues with content scheduling.” 

In fact, once content for the year is set, the team only needs to update the platform if they schedule a special event. 

Increased Family Fun

Engaging families attending events at the Kane County Cougars’s stadium has never been easier for Doug and team with UPshow. Their on-premise screens allow them to reach more new fans than ever before, whether that’s through social media, eye-catching concessions graphics or event-specific content. 

Interested in learning more about how UPshow can help your family entertainment business grow like the Kane County Cougars? Get a demo today.