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Targeted Marketing Campaigns Drive 5% Sales Lift


How digital signage drove the sale of additional services at a nationwide DSO

About the Client

A top DSO with a nationwide footprint.

The Initiative

Previous efforts to promote additional services to patients had been ineffective. Our client sought a solution that would increase service sales without having to change operations or put extra responsibilities on practitioners or staff.

The Outcome

In just 6 weeks, our client saw a return on investment. Same store sales saw at least a 5% lift in all 57 locations piloting UPshow’s platform.

The Solution

Even dentists with great bedside manner and excellent relationships with their patients struggle to promote additional services. Patients are inherently wary of being upsold.

That’s why our client turned to UPshow’s industry-leading digital signage technology. UPshow’s strategic mix of captivating entertainment helped draw patients’ attention to the screens located throughout the practice. Intermixed within the entertainment were tactful promotional messages aimed at key specialty services.

These targeted messages promoted additional services without making patients or practitioners uncomfortable. Patients who engaged with entertainment content naturally saw advertisements for teeth whitening services or products such as Invisalign. This opened the door for more natural conversations between patients and their provider, resulting in an increase in revenues through ancillary services sold for each practice utilizing UPshow’s service.