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Smile Doctors Eliminates Hundreds of Hours of Content Creation with UPshow Managed Services


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About the Client

Smile Doctors is the largest orthodontics support organization in the United States, with more than 300 locations. Smile Doctors brings clinics into their owned network to provide centralized support for everything from HR, marketing, training, onboarding, finance and more while clinics maintain their autonomy and independent identity. 

The Challenge

As the Smile Doctors’ team refreshed their brand, they needed to create thousands of new on-screen content pieces for their more than 300 locations quickly. Knowing they needed over 3,600 hours of work done in a short period of time, they reached out to UPshow’s managed services team to receive the support they needed. 

These templates needed to serve not only Smile Doctors’ branded clinics but also their many independently-branded affiliations, all while generating excitement among the individual clinics for this new medium and its capabilities.

The Results

Partnering with Smile Doctors’ internal marketing and creative team, UPshow’s managed services team developed a suite of visually appealing templates that were simultaneously flexible enough to support a wide range of identities. As a result, the Smile Doctors’ team is completely hands off with all content creation, freeing them up to work on critical, internal projects instead.

The Solution

Exemplary Content Creation

When Joseph Cleveland came onboard as Smile Doctors’ Creative Director, he knew he had a huge task in front of him: refreshing the brand to appeal to both patients and the orthodontic teams under the Smile Doctors umbrella. Not only would he need to create a brand that resonated with the clinics, but he and his team would need to roll that brand out on screens, resulting in at least 3,600 hours of work.

With the brand book still in process, Joseph turned to UPshow’s managed services team. He provided a rough framework of on-screen content types, including provider bios and promotional messaging for products like Invisalign, and loose inspiration. UPshow’s managed services team returned a handful of creative explorations.

“The first round was meant to be a litmus test for the team’s capabilities. In less talented hands, this could have been an absolute nightmare, but UPshow’s managed services team hit it out of the park,” said Joseph. “They did a wide range of iterations and creative explorations. Of all the vendors I’ve worked with so far, UPshow has been my absolute favorite: their team gets it, and gets it quickly. The team is incredibly talented.” 

Now, these templates are customized by the managed services team for the various clinics in the Smile Doctors family and then used on in-clinic screens in waiting rooms and operatories. 

Director of Field Marketing Hailey Ellis explained how important clinic buy-in is: “We onboard new clinics with the perspective that we’re helping them. Having UPshow makes this easier. Clinics see the benefits of on-screen content quickly and are excited to minimize unnecessary clutter.”

Plus, the UPshow managed services team proves themselves to the clinics regularly. The process of requesting new, on-screen creative bypasses the Smile Doctors’ internal team, meaning the clinics see results faster than ever before. “The experience they’re having has been so overwhelmingly positive. That has improved adoption among our network but also, as a direct result, reduced the volume of creative requests we receive related to in-clinic collateral,” said Joseph.

A Better Patient Experience

The new content created by UPshow’s managed services team has dramatically improved the patient experience within Smile Doctors clinics. 

Screens in treatment rooms run UPshow-powered content, reducing patient anxiety and perceived wait times while simultaneously engaging patients in their care and connecting them with their communities.

Office managers throughout the Smile Doctors family love using UPshow’s on-screen content to drive action.