Communicate More Without Sacrificing Campaign Reach

February 24, 2022

Ensuring marketing messages reach their intended audiences is one of the largest challenges businesses face—and when you have multiple messages, balancing them becomes even more challenging.

That’s why we created Campaign Hub as a part of UPshow Connect. Campaign Hub is a mobile-friendly landing page where you can promote multiple campaigns all at once. Simply use your screens to display your Campaign Hub QR code for customers or patients to scan, allowing them to see all your most important messages in one location.

With Campaign Hub, you ensure your customers or patients always have access to your most important messaging, which means you:

  • Maximize awareness of promotions and services
  • Increase revenue-generating opportunities
  • Create additional outlets to provide value

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Maximize Awareness of Promotions and Services

Do your customers know about all your products? Do your patients know about all your services? Campaign Hub makes it easy to increase awareness around promotions, products and service offerings for all industries. 

Start by showing the best of your best products and promotions on your on-premise screens. Feature enticing photos to capture customer attention and direct them to scan a QR code. This QR code will take customers to the Campaign Hub, where you can encourage them to engage with special deals on your products, such as discounts or limited-time offers.

Healthcare clinics can use Campaign Hub to drive patients to helpful services. A primary care clinic can use Campaign Hub to connect patients to specialty practices. Specialty practices can ensure patients know about services that will improve their health, such as in-clinic treatments. Dental clinics can promote specials for ancillary services such as Invisalign.

Increase Revenue-Generating Opportunities

Combining Campaign Hub with other UPshow Connect offerings creates opportunities to increase revenue dramatically. Campaign Hub and Fixed Panel work together to directly increase revenue and maximize customer and patient awareness of promotions, products and services. 

Campaign Hub helps drive additional sales, whether by encouraging customers to look at related products or by driving patients to ancillary services. By enticing customers or patients with a general offer, you can bring them to Campaign Hub to direct them to more lucrative products and services.

Create Additional Outlets to Provide Value

Campaign Hub doesn’t have to be all about the hard sell. Businesses can use Campaign Hub to create additional opportunities to provide value to customers or patients. 

How so? Here’s are some ideas:

  • Sports bars and restaurants can advertise sports games, in-venue events and future specials
  • Healthcare clinics can share important documents, such as in-clinic health and safety requirements, patient intake forms or tools to help patients get the most from their appointment
  • Retail venues like clothing stores can link to out outfit inspiration based on product inventory

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Stop choosing between the number of campaigns your business runs and campaign reach. With Campaign Hub from UPshow, you get both. And if you’re ready to get started, we’re here to help. Get a demo of UPshow Connect today.

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