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Could Video Walls Revolutionize Your Business?

Digital signage is a fantastic way to improve the experience that you provide your in-venue customers. But for some companies, traditional digital signage isn’t enough to accomplish their goals.

If that’s you, then one alternative you may be looking into is investing in a video wall. Doing so could have a huge impact on your company’s bottom line. 

Keep reading to learn:

  • What video walls are and how they work
  • 6 ways your business can benefit from using a video wall
  • Why UPshow is the right content management platform for your video wall

What is a video wall, exactly?

Video walls display dynamic imagery and video content across large spaces. They often consist of multiple screens, which connect to form a single cohesive display. You can also make a video wall with a single large screen, but doing so will limit the impact of your wall.

The purpose of a video wall is to display content in a way that is more engaging and impactful to the people who see it. They essentially allow you to do everything that you would be able to do with traditional signage, but in bigger, better and more customizable ways.

For example, you can use your video wall to highlight:

  • Advertisements for specific products or services
  • Information about your company
  • Fun, interactive games
  • Engaging video content

And much more.

6 ways your business can benefit from using a video wall

Make your content as visible as possible

The only reason you own screens is to share content that matters with your customers and employees. To do that, you need a screen setup that is easy for your target audience to see. Video walls are perfect for this.

When you install a video wall in your business, you create a highly visible way to share content with your customers and employees. You can use your wall to get more engagement with your:

  • Ads
  • Informational graphics
  • Social media posts
  • Video content
  • And whatever else you choose to display on your video wall

The benefit for your business could be profound. For example, you could see a big uptick in the number of customers that see your ads. That, in turn, could increase your revenue considerably.

Expand the types of content you can display

Traditional smart screens are great for digital signage. But they don’t offer you as many display choices as video walls do. With video walls, you have several additional ways to customize the types of content that you display and how you display them.

For example, you can get creative with how you lay out the screens that make up your video wall. You can arrange these devices in all types of patterns, including curved layouts and abstract geometric ones. With this freedom, you can layout your video wall screens in a way that makes them even more attention-grabbing.

There’s a lot that you can do on the backend of your video wall as well if you have the right content management software. Since your video wall will be made up of a handful of individual screens, you have lots of different ways to optimize your content, including using the entire wall as a single canvas or using a few screens for one purpose and the rest for another.

Enjoy nearly limitless resolution

Generally, the better an image looks, the more likely that someone will be to stop and look at it. This principle illustrates another reason why investing in a video wall could be a good idea for your business.

A single-screen has a limited resolution, which places a cap on how beautiful the imagery that you display on it can look. But when you use multiple screens, their resolutions are additive. This means that you can display massive, highly detailed images without sacrificing the fine details of those images.

Again, this could have a very direct impact on your company’s bottom line. If more people stop to look at your content, they’ll automatically begin to learn more about why they should buy from you. 

As long as your messaging is solid, you should see a corresponding rise in revenue soon enough.

More durability than projectors

You may also consider using a projector if you know that you want to display large and dynamic images and videos in your business. However, video walls beat projectors by quite a great deal when it comes to durability.

Video walls sometimes feel complex but they’re easy to use once you set them up. Projectors may be a bit easier to set up initially. But they require much more maintenance than video walls do.

For example, most projectors need a period of downtime every so often to stay operational. That means you won’t be able to run yours 24/7, which could be a dealbreaker for some companies.

Additionally, you’ll need to replace your projector’s bulb every so often. That might not seem like a big deal now. But it can be very frustrating to consistently have to power down your display at random times. 

These two maintenance problems simply aren’t an issue for video walls. You can run yours 24/7 without needing to worry about shutting it down periodically or replacing parts every so often.

Ideal for interactivity

Investing in interactive digital signage can be hugely beneficial to your company. It allows your customers to quickly access the specific information that they want in an intuitive, easy-to-follow way.

For example, you can use your interactive digital signage to:

  • Share menu details
  • Help people find their way with interactive maps
  • Share more information about your products
  • Set up engaging games
  • Allow guests to check themselves in
  • And so much more

Video walls take all of these features to another level. They can be a huge attraction for customers who might otherwise pass your business by. You can use your interactive video wall to pull in new customers and to help existing ones get more out of the time they spend with you.

Perfect for catching the attention of passers-by

For all of the reasons covered above, video walls are an ideal method for bringing new attention to your business. If you place one in a position that people on the street can see, you’ll get a bunch of new attention that you wouldn’t have received otherwise.

You can do a lot with that new attention. For example, maybe you display ads that get people in your door to take advantage of limited-time deals. Or perhaps you display interesting information and engaging video content that gets people thinking more about your brand.

However you decide to use your video wall, it can be a great addition to your existing marketing practices and may lead to a nice bump in your revenue.

Getting started with a video wall

If you think now is the right time to invest in a video wall, you have a few options for getting started. The first decision that you need to make is about the hardware that you want to use for your wall.

One option is to simply purchase a single really large screen. That can be effective but it won’t give you access to many of the video wall benefits covered above.

The strategy that’s often preferable is linking a bunch of individual screens together to form a single cohesive display. If you do this, you’ll be able to customize how you lay the screens out. You’ll also be able to customize the content that you display on them much more precisely since you can work on a screen-by-screen level.

The other major thing that you’ll need is a media player and content management platform. This is what you’ll use to control what your video wall displays and when. We’ll tell you why UPshow is the right choice for your content management system in the next section.

UPshow can help you get the most out of your video wall

You can build your video wall with the latest technology and arrange it in the most optimal way possible. But, ultimately, the success or failure of the wall will come down to the content that you display on it. If the content is good, people will stop to look at it and interact with your brand. If it’s not, they simply won’t.

That’s why you should seriously consider using UPshow to manage the content on your video wall. Our platform makes it incredibly easy to manage your displays from any internet-enabled device. 

It also gives you access to more than 500 channels of streaming OTT content and the ability to quickly make customized display screens that capture exactly what you want to display on your video wall.

If you’d like to learn exactly what UPshow can do for your video wall, schedule a free custom demo with us. We’d be happy to walk you through your options and to tell you more about how our platform will help you unlock the full potential of your video wall.

Request a custom demo of our software today.