How Snap Fitness Transformed Their Member Engagement with UPshow

October 22, 2019

This is a summary of an article originally published in Club Solutions Magazine

In the fitness industry, engaging and retaining members is paramount to running a successful business. When Snap Fitness decided to take their member engagement to the next level, they turned to UPshow for help.

Months later, Steele Sacks, the president and owner of Snap Fitness, has no regrets.

In addition to noticeable cost savings, Sacks has considers it to be hugely effective for rolling out effective marketing and promotion strategies with minimal effort.

Prior to UPshow, we were using all of our own videos for social media and marketing. It was taking an enormous amount of time to create this video content for seven clubs. [Now], we can get our messages out immediately, and we get to feature a lot of members.

The platform is not only engaging and celebrating members, but turning trainers and other staff into brand advocates who promote the brand to their followers on social media. This generates invaluable word-of-mouth for the business.

Trainers who want a little more exposure have really latched onto this. They’re posting pictures of themselves training, highlighting their fitness classes and boot camps, and highlighting their clients. That was kind of a hidden benefit.

And since UPshow can be managed on an enterprise level from the cloud, Sacks and his team have the ability to monitor and manage any screen, no matter where they may be. In the words of Sacks, “Now I’ve got something that, within the first month, we saw immediate payback.