Improve Your Strategy with Cross-Channel Functionality

March 3, 2022

We talked previously about the importance of using multiple channels to communicate your marketing messages. As we said then, if you’re only using Twitter to promote your business, you’ll only reach the types of people who regularly use Twitter.

To reach the broadest possible audience, you need to market across multiple channels, even to customers or patients who are on-premise at your location. 

Here’s what some might call a hot take: you should consider using paper.

Not just any paper. Paper is “dumb” — you can’t measure interactions with it and you can’t easily understand ROI. Instead of traditional “dumb” paper, you need to use digital paper. 

That’s why we’ve created Smart Paper. Smart Paper from UPshow connect is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to: 

  • Increase revenue
  • Drive more repeat customer visits
  • Improve campaign reach

How? When you create a QR code campaign with UPshow Connect, you can reuse that QR code on paper to track customer engagement and action.

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Increase Revenue

With Smart Paper from UPshow, your business can clearly and easily understand which paper advertisements are successful and which aren’t. 

Smart Paper allows you to track engagement printed pieces like:

  • Menus
  • Special offer redemption
  • Event registration posters
  • Form download signs

While form downloads may not drive revenue for healthcare providers, they’re still very important — and your clinic should be able to measure patient engagement.

Across the other examples, Smart Paper makes it possible for businesses to measure engagement and, if the scan sends customers to a landing page, measure conversions. 

Giving your customers and patients more opportunities to access special offers directly translates into more revenue for your business or clinic.

Drive More Repeat Visits

Smart Paper can help you bring customers or patients back. 

How? Simple: place your printed materials in high-traffic areas throughout your location that:

  • Invite customers to return for a special event, such as trivia nights or big sporting events
  • Lets patients sign up for an in-clinic event where they can learn more about products your clinic sells, such as Invisalign or skincare lines
  • Incentivizes multiple visits by providing discounts after attending a given number of classes or making so many purchases
  • Provides access to your business’s loyalty or rewards program

All these things bring customers or patients back to your location over and over again, creating more loyalty. 

Improve Campaign Reach

Scientists have determined that most people can only remember up to seven things for 20-30 seconds. Considering how much is on the minds of the average consumer, do you want to gamble that your message is one of those things?

Instead of rolling the proverbial dice, use Smart Paper to extend the reach of your campaigns. Don’t rely on customer or patient memory when they arrive at your location. Instead, use Smart Paper to prompt them to take action on your most important marketing campaigns. Invite them to download your app, redeem a special offer, sign up for a class and so much more. 

Smart Paper extends the life cycle of your campaigns beyond the internet, TV or radio, bringing your messages into your locations with ease.

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Don’t let your campaigns fail because paper is dumb. Make Smart Paper from UPshow an integral part of your marketing strategy, and watch that “dumb” paper become a powerful tool to measure engagement, ROI, retention and so much more. If you’re ready to get started, we’re here to help. Get a demo of UPshow Connect today.

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