Porsche Creates the 'Disneyland of Car Dealerships'

October 22, 2019

The following is a summary of an article originally published in Entrepreneur

Earlier this year, Porsche unveiled a project that they call the next generation of auto dealership: “Destination Porsche.”

The Palm Springs dealership will be transformed into a sort of automotive wonderland, complete with private events, custom car design, and more. Said Todd Blue, CEO of indiGO, which runs the Palm Springs dealership,

“This facility is truly a destination. This is a dealership where one can purchase, be serviced, and also soak up the entire Porsche brand experience in a way that currently does not exist for automotive retail.”

Perhaps the highlight of the store is the technological additions to the experience, including race viewing parties that can be shown in VR for full immersion.

“We are strong proponents that customers want to shop and experience brands beyond their home computer screens. However, we cannot underestimate how much people love technology. Because of this, we invested in the most advanced in-store technology in the world.”

One need not create an auto theme part in order to achieve similar goals, however. Simple tech, like interactive digital signage or mobile compatible marketing materials, can do a lot to enhance the buyer experience and immerse them in the brand voice while keeping them engaged. All it takes is a little creativity to stand out.