Promote Key Marketing Initiatives On-Screen Longer with Fixed Panel from UPshow

February 17, 2022

As marketers — or as owners filling a marketing function — we have to acknowledge the limitations of our channels. Twitter posts only reach the kinds of people who use Twitter. You can only send emails to people who have given you their email addresses. TV screens can only display one message at a time.

If you’re using your on-premise TV screens as marketing tools (and you should be), prioritizing campaigns isn’t always easy! 

That’s why we’ve created a new feature on UPshow’s platform called Fixed Panel. With Fixed Panel, you ensure your most important messages are always visible.

Even better? Fixed Panel comes with UPshow Connect.

Let’s look at some of the great ways you can use Fixed Panel to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Drive more repeat customer visits
  • Capture more reviews for your business

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Increase Revenue

You know certain marketing initiatives will drive more revenue. Buy-one-get-one specials, for example — or promotions that give customers a savings after they spend a certain amount. 

But you can’t keep these messages on screen all the time. Well, you could, but then you lose out on some of your softer sells. Maybe you want to highlight an upcoming event like a football game or a patient support night. Perhaps you want to educate patients or run trivia games to entertain guests. If you focus exclusively on revenue-generating messages, you lose opportunities to build an emotional connection with your customers and patients.

Fixed Panel bridges that gap, allowing you to keep revenue-generating messages on-screen alongside secondary messages. 

Never again sacrifice one type of marketing message for another: build connections with customers and drive more revenue. 

Drive More Repeat Visits

With Fixed Panel, you can more easily bring customers or patients back to your premises. 

How? Simple. You could:

  • Run offers that are only valid on a subsequent visit. For example, your sports bar will offer a discount to guests who come to watch a future game if they make a specific purchase now.
  • Provide access to your app. With your app installed on a customer’s phone, you can utilize push notifications to inform them of special events, sales or new services.
  • Make follow up appointments easier to schedule. Combine Fixed Panel with QR code campaigns for this. Simply ask patients to scan the QR code and take them to your scheduling page.

With a bit of creative thinking, there are plenty of ways to utilize Fixed Panel to keep customers and patients coming back.

Capture More Reviews

Your business’s online reputation is more important than ever before. Not convinced? 79% of shoppers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

With so many options, people look online to evaluate if a business is worth their time. Have others had a good experience? How does business A stand apart from business B? These and many other questions run through people’s minds as they evaluate what’s available in their area.

Fixed Panel allows you to continuously capture more, positive reviews from your current customers or patients so that you have a better chance of attracting new patrons to your premises in the future. People will read about the fantastic experiences others had or the quality treatment they received and be much more inclined to choose your business instead of your competition.

If more reviews are a priority for your business — and they should be — Fixed Panel is the ideal solution.  

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Fixed Panel from UPshow allows you to control your on-screen marketing like never before. And if you’re ready to get started, we’re here to help. Get a demo of UPshow Connect today.

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