September Round UP

September 18, 2019

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The word of the day is 'care'. In this issue: nerd culture becomes pop culture, the generation you forgot about, and the reason you need to take another walk in your customer's shoes.  TECH  Have your burger and eat it virtually, too
Snapchat is back. At least, it is for burger joint Jack in the Box, who last month ran a campaign encouraging customers to invent their very own burger using a custom AR (augmented reality) filter in the app. The strategy included a contest with prizes varying from gift cards to seeing their pixelated patty become an actual part of the Jack in the Box menu. The goal? Engaging mobile diners while also driving them to promote the brand to their friends.

Byte-sized beef, anyone?.  >>> Can't argue with results.  EXPERIENCE  
Why customers stop spending
As a manager, marketer, owner, or other significant player in a business, it can be easy to lose perspective when it comes to what customers want in their purchase journey. Peddling features and their value is a vital part of selling, but at the end of the day a customer doesn't care that they saved 10% as much as they care how you made them feel and whether or not you took their needs into account. Sarah Kathleen Peck elaborates on the importance of considering your customer's perspective with this engaging anecdote.

It's storytime.  >>> Stop selling for a second, and listen.
Video games count as sports now
You heard me. Esports, or competitive video game playing, is rapidly becoming a popular source of entertainment (especially among Gen Z). So popular, in fact, that Mtn Dew and Doritos are collaborating to host a massive esports tournament next week. The event will be livestreamed on Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter. Why should you care? Strange as it may seem, watching professional gamers compete is now mainstream -- that is to say, part of popular culture -- as well as a social bonding activity for many in the community. If you haven't found a way to add it to your venue's entertainment repertoire yet, you should -- and fast.

Does this make Mario an athlete?  >>> Better lay off the 'shrooms
Millennials still matter
While up-and-coming Gen Z is a crucial customer base to prepare for, millennials represent the majority of the workforce today. That means one thing: they're the ones with income burning a hole in their pocket. Despite the rumors that they regularly break the bank on coffee and Netflix, this notorious generation may also be willing to set some cash aside for your business -- if you play your cards right.

Here are 3 ways to keep millennials engaged.  >>> None are about avocados.

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