Sports, Trivia, Entertainment: Use Your Digital Signage Player For More Than Instructions

October 27, 2021

People who haven’t spent much time looking into digital signage often assume that it’s only good for one or two niche uses. But that’s not actually true.

There’s an incredible amount of utility that you can get from an investment in digital signage. It’s for much more than just displaying instructions.

If you want to learn more about what you can do with a digital signage player, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find an overview of the top use-cases for this technology.

Understanding digital signage

Before diving into what you can do with digital signage, let’s take a moment to review what it is.

What it is

Digital signage is a technology that companies use to share information with their audiences. It includes several components, including screens, digital signage players and digital signage software.

Why companies use it

Companies use digital signage because it enables them to connect with their customers in tons of unique ways. It’s also much easier to manage displays with digital signage software. 

You can make edits, updates and change what you display without having to print out new materials each time you want to. That saves companies time and money.

What can you use digital signage for?

Digital signage is good for far more than just sharing instructions. Here are 10 examples of how you can leverage it to reach your business goals.

Digital menus

Nearly 30% of restaurant customers say that digital menus play an influential role in their purchasing process. That’s a good enough reason to start using your digital signage as a digital menu on its own. If you do, you could begin influencing your customers to spend more while ordering food from you.

Digital menus are also easier to update than standard ones. Doing so is as easy as logging into your digital signage software and editing your menu display.

Investing in one of these will save you a ton of time (and potentially a lot of money) over its lifespan. It’s one of the best ways to use digital signage for any company that sells food.

Digital check-in kiosks

Healthcare facilities can get in on the digital signage action as well. They can use this technology to create digital check-in kiosks for patients.

With a digital check-in kiosk, a patient can check themselves in instead of having to wait to interact with an administrative staff member to do so. This frees up your staff’s time to focus on other important tasks and may help to reduce the bottlenecks that increase your patients’ wait times.

In-venue advertising

There are tons of different marketing channels that a business can use to reach customers. With so many selections, in-venue advertising often goes ignored or is undervalued.

Digital signage makes it easy to fix this problem. You can turn your screens into vectors for advertising to people who are already visiting your business. Doing so can help you upsell existing customers and get them to come back to your business in the future.

For example, a bar might use its digital displays to share an advertisement for an upcoming night during which you plan on running a promotion. They could get more customers that night without having to spend on advertising elsewhere to do so.

Trivia nights

Trivia nights are another great use-case for digital signage. You can use this technology to run trivia games at your venue, which can help you increase customer loyalty and bring in new clients.

Check out this step-by-step guide to learn how to create a trivia night at your place.

Streaming entertainment

You can also use your digital signage screens to share streaming entertainment with your audience. This could be TV shows, movies, local news, sports and even viral videos.

The cool thing about using digital signage technology for this is that you can control the ads that you play in between the content. That makes sure your company is benefitting from ad breaks instead of someone else’s.

That being said, you do need the right digital signage software to make this happen. It’s why UPshow provides more than 500 channels of streaming entertainment options to its customers.

Sharing information

Nearly every type of business needs to share various types of information with its customers. But it’s difficult to be consistent with this if you’re relying on employees to share the information or using printed signs that customers may not always be drawn to read.

Digital signage is a more effective way to share information with your customers. You can use it to rotate through several informative slides and to create dynamic displays that capture your audience’s attention more effectively.

Interactive games, ads and lessons

You can also get interactive with your digital signage. To do so, you just need to invest in touchscreens for your audience to utilize.

There are tons of different ways to take advantage of this technology. For example, you could use your digital signage to keep your audience engaged with interactive games.

Or you could share interactive ads that let your customers browse through your offerings at their own pace.

Schools can even use digital signage to create interactive lessons for students. You can get creative with how you use this based on your business goals.

Staff communication

The other points on this list were all customer-facing use-cases for digital signage players. But you can also communicate more effectively with your staff members with a digital signage solution.

For example, you could put digital signage players in the back-end of a restaurant to help guide your kitchen staff through prep. This is also a great way to keep important policies and procedures at the top of your staff members’ minds.

Share user reviews

Here’s another cool way to use digital signage players. You can leverage them to share user-submitted reviews with your audience.

About 54% of users read at least four reviews before buying a product. By sharing reviews inside of your venue, you could give your customers the confidence that they need to make a bigger purchase from you.

Connect in-venue customers to your online sales funnel

Bridging the gap between your online and in-person audiences can be tough. But digital signage is a medium that can make this a lot easier on you.

You can use it to share things like QR codes. When a customer scans one of these, you will take them to whatever online link you tie to the code. You could get a customer to download your app, join an email list, or check out a product page on your website.

The way that you do this is by enticing the customer to scan the QR code with a discount or a special offer. This is one of the most effective ways to start getting your in-person customers into your online ecosystem.

How to get the most out of your digital screens

Now that you know some of the cool things you can do with digital signage, let’s look at some tips for getting the most out of an investment in this technology.

Come up with a strategy

You can get some good results from using digital signage players on your own without any additional guidance. But if you want to optimize what you get out of these devices, you’ll want to come up with a cohesive strategy for your digital signage deployment.

That should start with determining what you hope to achieve with your digital signage. Figure out your goals and then work backward from there. Doing so will help you set up a content deployment strategy that’s been optimized to get you where you want to go.

Optimize your layout

You also want to take the time to optimize where you set up your digital signage displays in your business. Ideally, a customer should be able to see your signage clearly no matter where they are in your facilities.

Track your performance and adjust

Measuring marketing performance is super important. That’s why you’ll want to be sure to track the performance of your digital signage campaigns over time.

UPshow includes an analytics feature that makes this easy for you to do. You can use it to zero in on the displays that are working for you and the ones that you may need to update to help you meet your goals.

UPshow makes it easier to enjoy the full benefits of digital signage

We hope this article gave you some newfound inspiration for how to leverage your digital signage player to achieve its full impact.

But to do that, you’ll also need to find the right digital signage software. It’s why you should take a good look at UPshow.

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