Spotlight: Benchmark

March 19, 2017

If you’re looking for a place you to catch the game with your friends on any of the available 46 (Yes 46!) TV screens, sip a pint with views from a retractable roof beer garden and enjoy popular song lyrics off your menus, then make your way to Chicago’s Benchmark in the Old Town neighborhood.

Benchmark’s “Insta-worthy” aesthetic creates engaging customer posts that are showcased on the UPshow screen.

Let’s take a look at the "UPshow Effect" at Benchmark- highlighting a few posts that aren’t just customer photos, they’re customer promotions.


Pictures with large groups of people feed into our need of wanting to feel like we belong. On social media, everyone wants to broadcast their squad during a night out. What’s even better for the business is that while this group is promoting their squad, they are also promoting Benchmark on their social channels! Benchmark customer’s have set the business up as a #squadgoals destination.

Influential Moments

Talk about the social media stamp of approval! When looking for beautiful imagery, fantastic stories and most importantly, lifestyle recommendations, social media users flock to influencers. When an influencer posts to UPshow not only does the excellent quality post flash up on the screen in venue it also attracts the thousands of followers to Benchmark. This influencer post shows striking imagery of the food, which in venue may inspire a customer order, and shows off the fun Benchmark menus. On the Instagram newsfeed, her 22.4K followers have also found inspiration for a new brunch spot!

'Wish You Were Here' Shot

You don’t have to take a photography class to know that the focal point is for the viewer’s main focus. However, the background of photos add depth and significance too. And while @mmcossi looks fabulous sipping her bourbon, her photo adds much more than just a chic drink promotion for Benchmark. The background is bustling with guests and customers gazing up at the TV screens (one which has UPshow on!). To one of @mmcossi’s followers, Benchmark is presented as a hopping place to stop in and enjoy! This visual proof promotes Benchmark’s “cool” factor better than the business itself telling customers the business is cool.

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