Spotlight: Blackfinn Ameripub

January 28, 2019

Blackfinn Ameripub is a reinvention of the classic American pub, offering food , drinks, and a lively atmosphere perfect for spending time with friends, family and colleagues.

Here’s how Blackfinn Ameripub engages regulars and newcomers alike with the UPshow Effect:

Encouraging Experience-Sharing

Anyone who has visited Blackfinn already knows that it’s a good time, but what about everyone else? While many people may be sharing pictures of the food and beverages on their own, Blackfinn uses UPshow to encourage guests to share their whole experience, not just their plate. This leads to unique aspects of visiting Blackfinn — like playing giant Jenga games — to extend beyond the four walls of the venue, showing potential new customers just how special it is!

Unexpected Extras

Every customer post is a benefit, but another business posting about your brand can be an extra-powerful endorsement - especially when they are highlighting an aspect not normally seen by day-to-day customers. Here, a tech networking group posts and communicates to all their followers that Blackfinn is a great place for business! Another hidden benefit? Blackfinn can tout UPshow as an exciting perk for others looking to host an event at the pub.

More Than Menu Specials

Finally, what does Blackfinn do to capitalize on all the attention they have focused on their screens? Sure, they show menu specials and other promotions, but they also use it as an opportunity to continue the customer engagement journey. By going beyond the basic and displaying messaging about joining the Blackfinn perks program, the pub captures guests at the moment they are most invested in their experience and tells them about ways they can become even more involved — increasing the likelihood that diners will join the program.

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