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Spotlight: Chupitos

Nuevo estilo de vida…Chupitos welcomes you to be a part of a new lifestyle. The restaurant, lounge and shot bar located in New Jersey offers a great atmosphere, excellent food and a variety of shots that sometimes come courtesy of a hot pink monkey!

The colorful nights and wild adventures are all displayed on the UPshow screen and remembered through social media.

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at Chupitos- highlighting customer posts that aren’t just pictures, they’re invaluable customer promotions.  

Celebratory Smash:

Big parties, big events and big influencers all deserve a big celebration. Chupitos’ UPshow screen showcases the flock of influencers, bachelorette parties and birthday parties that come to the hip shots bar. With this UPshow content in influencer feeds, more people are willing to come out to Chupitos for their own fun night after the influencer inspiration.    

The Venue That’s Its Own Marketing Tool:

It’s easy to think of out-of-venue promotional efforts when brainstorming the best marketing plan for your business. But to make the marketing plan even easier, most businesses can look right in their space for the answers. With the UPshow screen, Chupitos is not only using a pre-existing in-venue source (the TVs) to display promotional material, they now have an outlet to showcase what consumers come to Chupitos for. Glancing through Chupitos’ UPshow content shows off how Instagram-worthy the large Buddha statue is and how fun receiving a Chupito monkey shot is. When guests post this to UPshow and in turn social media, potential customers are seeing what Chupitos has to offer and entices more feet in the door.

Effortlessly Tagged:

We get it, sometimes the drinks are just too good and music too good your dancing shoes can’t slow down. This may cause some unexpected typos or not enough time to hashtag your Instagram post. UPshow’s geo-tag feature allows Chupitos guests to simply add a location to their post to see themselves on the screen. The bonus for Chupitos is an extension of the brand on Instagram geolocation searches, making it even easier for potential customers to track down the venue.