Spotlight: Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row Gilbert

August 16, 2017

Pull on your best pair of cowboy boots and get ready to select from over 50 on tap beers while dancing along with the best in the business country crooners. Riot Hospitality Group’Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row in Gilbert, AZ includes a patio space optimized for ping pong, cornhole and a large dance floor and stage for live performances. Hovering above all the excitement holds UPshow displaying the good time had by all.

Let's take a look at the "UPshow Effect" at Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row Gilbert- highlighting customer posts that aren't just pictures, they're invaluable customer promotions.


With new music and live performances constantly igniting at Whiskey Row, guests can come back for more and always get a new experience. These regulars know how to twirl their way around the dance floor and the UPshow screen, resulting in a heavy flow of Whiskey Row unique content flooding social media feeds on a regular basis.     


Beside the regulars showing their social media followers the genuine Whiskey Row experience, influencers help push branded content framed in an authentic post to their thousands of followers. Whiskey Row also has the advantage of associating with top country musicians who come by to rock the house. These musicians always want to post to the UPshow screen to promote their music while their fans are posting to show off their moment with famous country crooners.

Click through the images above to see the influencers at Whiskey Row!


Who can resist having fun when the employees are out having a ball? The social content employees post to UPshow showcase the fun environment at Whiskey Row. Branded content hitting thousands of social followers only elevates the business’s brand image as well as helps present the employees as Whiskey Row’s own army of brand ambassadors.  

Click through the images above to see the awesome employee advocated content!


With UPshow’s Spotlight feature, Whiskey Row is able to display upcoming concerts, menu items and offers. This feature allows for outside contribution, like Whiskey Row’s Lyft offer that provides guests the ability to take advantage of a discounted ride home after a night of lively music and good drinks! Spotlights displaying other branded content, like this Lyft Spotlight, also benefits the brand promoted as guests may be more inclined to use a discounted Lyft ride then call an Uber.

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