Spotlight: Family Entertainment Group

October 22, 2018

Since 2004, Family Entertainment Group has owned and operated premier family facilities worldwide. With dozens of different activities in many locations, it’s not surprising that everyone who enters a Family Entertainment Group venue has left with a smile on their face.

Many of these venues, like Bonkers Fun House, In The Game, and Hollywood Fun Park, take the opportunity to record those smiles with UPshow. Let’s see how FEG masters the “UPshow Effect:”

Celebrating Special Moments

With the word family in its name, it’s more than clear how much FEG venues value family, but demonstrating that value is taken a step further with UPshow. While entertainment is the goal of any visit, precious childhood moments can happen at the same time, like overcoming a fear of slides. By giving families a platform to celebrate those moments, these venues show how much they care and build brand loyalty with guests.

Fun For All

Often times, a business that is welcoming to kids gets seen as a place “just for kids.” They couldn’t be more wrong, as many of these venues have activities that even the oldest family members love. With UPshow encouraging adults to share photos from their visit to a family entertainment venue, it shows their followers that it’s truly a good time for all.

Attention-Grabbing Announcements

Every single one of UPshow’s digital signage templates, no matter how simple, are dynamic. Why? Because customers are used to static signage, meaning they’ll likely ignore it. When this venue wanted to make something a little more custom, they took a leaf out of our book and created their own animated video announcement for their UPshow screen. We can guarantee it made more than a few customers bat an eye.

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