Spotlight: Frankie's Downtown

August 15, 2018

Since 2000, Frankie's Downtown has been a hotspot for Dallas nightlife. It's two-floor layout allows for the space to play the roles of both sports bar and speakeasy with grace, and it's generous hours means you'll be enjoying the location for it's lunches and brunches as well as it's beer and cocktail offerings.

With so much fun to be had, it's only natural that customers want to share their experiences on an UPshow screen. Let's take a look at how Frankie's masters the "UPshow Effect":

Distinctive Decor

The easiest and most effective way to get customers posting inside your venue is to give them something awesome to take a picture of. Frankie's doubles down on this strategy, making their incandescent sign not only eye-catching but also unique. Followers who see this photo won't need to check a hashtag to know exactly where the poster is, because this iconic decor shouts Frankie's.

Celebrating Staff

An UPshow screen can celebrate staff as well as customers! Praising an employee's hard work publicly can make them feel validated and motivated, boosting morale and encouraging other employees to be screen-worthy as well. As a bonus, showing off the spread of food this employee is carrying is a subtle way to promote the menu without being too in-your-face!

Sassy Spotlights

While beautiful signage never fails, sometimes an alternative approach make just as much of an impact. Here, Frankie's eschews a polished look in order to deliver some clever humor that their guests will no doubt appreciate, while also expressing their brand personality and possibly even driving some sales.

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