Spotlight: Gold's Gym

November 8, 2018

Gold’s Gym has been a pioneer in fitness for over fifty years. By staying true to the values of personalization, innovation, and real investment in member goals, it’s no surprise that said members are seeing consistent results.

Where’s the best place to promote these success stories? On the UPshow screen, of course! Let’s take a look at how Gold’s Gym masters the “UPshow Effect.”

Sharing Real Results

At the end of the day, prospects looking to join a gym are focused on one thing: results. Gyms and fitness clubs can advertise their success in this area as much as they want, but it’s not nearly as believable, or valuable, as what actual member have to say. When this Gold’s Gym devotee shares her incredible progress while tagging the gym itself, she’s showing all 1k+ of her followers (plus anyone browsing relevant hashtags) that Gold’s Gym delivers on its transformative promise.

Flexing More Than Muscles

While Gold’s certainly delivers on results, the gym also offers many other programs that add value and give them an edge over competitors. For example, the member above shares how much fun her daughter had at the Gold’s Gym Kids Club while she exercised. While sought-after amenities like childcare are listed on Gold’s website, a prospective member may not visit long enough to discover this information. It is likely, however, that they’ll spot the feature while learning about other’s experiences at the gym on social media!

Encouraging “Good Habits”

Beyond encouraging fitness habits, Gold’s Gym goes the extra mile to get the most out of their UPshow. By regularly displaying a spotlight with a call-to-action telling members to share on the screen, the gym sets the expectation that posting on social is a routine part of a member’s visit. Setting this habit gets new and reluctant members posting their sweaty selfies after every workout!