Spotlight: Granite City

June 30, 2017

Granite City aims to empower people and have fun in the process. So raise a glass to fresh made food, fresh-brewed beer and all the delicious things in life, like UPshow! Already in 6 different Granite City locations, UPshow has joined in Granite City’s quest of empowerment and fun. 

 Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at our Granite City locations- highlighting customer posts that aren’t just customer pictures, they’re invaluable customer promotions.

Local Influencers:

Local foodies know the local flavor of the town and have gained the trust of their neighbors. When a local influencers makes a post, the neighborhood follows. @rockford_cravings is the perfect example of a local influencer who has the support of the town thanks to her aesthetically-pleasing Instagram that highlights the town’s food scene. When she posted to the UPshow screen at Granite City’s Rockford location, @rockford_cravings showed thousands of followers her delicious plate of grub that the whole town can go experience!  


While fun and delicious times are displayed in venue on the UPshow screen, on social media the followers of these posters are able to see beautiful and mouthwatering descriptions of the menu offerings as well as the details of different events that are currently taking place. While @nombone’s post suggests Granite City is the perfect place for a graduation celebration, @calligraphybycolleen is helping to promote her own business and Granite City’s eventful Father’s Day.

Employee Engagement:

The customers are not the only ones to have fun at Granite City! When employees take the time to post to the UPshow screen, like these smiling faces at Granite City Naperville, not only do the customers feel more encouraged to post themselves but the location is given its own personality on social media.


Through UPshow’s Spotlight feature, the Granite City locations can always be on brand when displaying menu items and beer lists, specials, localized events and fun employee culture!

Click through the images below for Granite City’s greatest Spotlights:

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