Spotlight: iO Theater

July 3, 2018

Founded in 1981, the iO Theater has been the epicenter of Chicago improv comedy for decades. With its renowned classes responsible for turning out some of the biggest names in comedy, every audience is guaranteed to leave laughing. Let’s take a closer look at how the theater maximizes the power of their talent with the “UPshow Effect”:

Photography Perks

When this professional photographer tagged iO Theater in her reminiscent post, her beautiful shot of an iO show got to be appreciated by everyone in the theater as well as all of her followers. The audience may be intrigued to see another show, and those on social media will see what they're missing!

Owning the Screen

The UPshow screen isn't a guest-only platform. iO Theater maximizes their marketing power by pushing content from their own social accounts to the screen. That way, their brand personality and marketing materials are sure to be front and center. 

Sharing the Spotlight

With all of the incredible shows and opportunities iO theater has to offer, it's difficult to make sure each gets adequately promoted via traditional marketing methods. With UPshow, each show can promote themselves via their own social media accounts.

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