Spotlight: Navy Pier

March 27, 2017

Chicago’s Navy Pier recently celebrated its 100th anniversary through the reimagined Centennial Vision that showcased the People’s Pier’s best qualities. As a landmark destination in the country, the Pier gets heavy local and tourism foot traffic year round thanks to the various activities, bars and restaurants, and sponsored events. With all the activity comes all the social media posts to document customer moments!

Let's take a look at the "UPshow Effect" at Navy Pier- highlighting a few posts that aren't just customer photos, they're customer promotions.  

Photographer Heaven:

Lake Michigan, Chicago’s skyline, the towering Ferris Wheel and more practically beckon photographer’s to try out new angles of the picturesque setting. Today, photographers and bloggers are putting their content out almost instantly on social media for followers. UPshow allows that captured moment to be showcased even faster with the screens at Navy Pier. The photographer is looking for eyeballs and more followers and in the process promoted your business’ unique aspect!

Tourism Adventure Stories:

You can’t take a vacay without uploading your pictures to social media while you’re there! Seeing the UPshow screens gives tourists an increased sense of thrill while they have their adventurous spirit raving. Those searching social media to see where they should go on their quest to Chicago will see the hoards of tourists posting about Navy Pier and will definitely make it a part of their trip now! What’s even better is when tourists include your business as a part of their blogging or social adventure idea. Take @globejumper. She is traveling the country taking a jumping shot in every destination. All her followers now see she chose Navy Pier in Chicago for her jumping shot, which not only adds to the Pier’s cool factor but also promotes it to her social sphere with her own storytelling quality.   

I <3 My City-ers:

It’s not only tourists that head to Navy Pier. Many local Chicagoans make it out to the lake-side attraction. With the amazing views of Navy Pier and the views of the city itself, many loyal Chicago-loving customers snap pictures of the best city in the world. And you can’t be a true Chicagoan without telling everyone about how you think Chicago is the best, so these pictures are posted to social media and just about any other outlet (including the UPshow screen!). By tagging and hashtagging Navy Pier, these Chicago fans are promoting the business as a staple in Chicago, a huge testament in the social media world.   

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