Spotlight: Point Break NYC

February 3, 2017

Enjoy the laid back feel while throwing one back at Midtown Manhattan’s surf-themed pourhouse and kitchen, Point Break NYC.

With daily happy hour, this 3 level bar brings the perfect mix of after work relaxation and beach vibes.

Let's take a look at the UPshow Effect at Point Break NYC- highlighting a few posts that aren't just customer photos, they're customer promotions.

Atmosphere Shot:

What better way to get across your bar’s overall vibe than having your customer post a pic for you? This Instagram picture shows Point Break NYC packed, lively and perfectly themed.  

Product Shot:

Have you ever wondered what type of people will be at the bar before you head out with your friends? That’s something they don’t tell you on Yelp! Good thing consumer posts show you who exactly is at the venue online. Not bad that one of Point Break’s drinks is shown off in the pic too!

Showing is better than telling shot:

The days of telling your friends about the awesome experience you had the other night is long gone! Instead, just post a pic on social media and the world sees the great time you’re having in the moment. Not only does this make the consumer feel super cool, it’s also showing off Point Break’s fun menu choices- with a stamp of approval from a trusted source.

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