Spotlight: Rancho Bowl

August 3, 2018

Longtime partner, Rancho Bowl, is a fantastic place to spend an evening in Santa Maria. With bowling lanes, a game room, flat screen TVs, and a bar and restaurant, there is something for everyone to love!

So how to happy guests show off their good time? With UPshow of course! Here's how Rancho Bowl masters the UPshow effect:

Not Your Average Alley

If anyone doubted that Rancho Bowl is more than a bowling alley, this influencer stopping by to DJ is perfect proof.  After DJ Phase's photo displays on the screen, every customer will be making plans to return for the special event. Plus, Rancho Bowl gets a shout out to his more than 3,000 followers!

Hands-Free Hangout

Sometimes all you need to get the perfect group shot is a little help. When employees offer to help large groups capture a fun moment, the odds of it showing up on the screen increase exponentially! Plus, those guests feel valued and looked after.

Spotlighting Social

Spotlights aren't only for promotions and birthday shoutouts. Rancho Bowl takes it to the next level by prompting patrons to check out their Snapchat filter, making it even more likely that those guests will be sharing the Rancho Bowl experience with their friends.

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