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Spotlight: Right Fit

Right Fit is a premier training facility, comprised of a team of strength and conditioning experts who are fully committed to helping every client reach their fitness goals. With a thoughtful program tailored to the health, nutrition, and training needs of each client, it’s no surprise every “Right Fitter” wants to show their progress on an UPshow screen!

Let’s take a look at how Right Fit masters the “UPshow Effect”:

Sweat with Significance

When members share their Right Fit moments on the UPshow screen, they’re sharing a moment in their lives. Sometimes it’s simply for fun, but other times, it’s a part of a special memory. The hashtag in this photo, #sweatingforthewedding, says it all. Followers can see that Right Fit plays a meaningful role in the lives of its members that makes it more valuable than just a place to lift weights.

Influential Employees

Customers aren’t the only ones who can post to the screen. By getting trainers involved with posting to the UPshow screen, Right Fit gets a publicity boost. Every time Jackie uses Instagram to talk about her day at the gym, the Right Fit brand gets seen by all 1,101 of her followers. Those could be some potential new members!

Connecting with Customers

Right Fit knows that UPshow isn’t just a pretty face! Utilizing UPshow’s Social CRM, Right Fit can easily see which of their members shared photos throughout the day and connect with them. By commenting on this member’s workout photo, Right Fit makes them feel special and shows that they genuinely care about the success of the people they work with.