Spotlight: Riot Hospitality Group

December 14, 2018

Riot Hospitality Group is a hospitality management company dedicated to providing unique and meaningful experiences for each and every guest.

Wherever the venue, RHG offers guests something special, from spectacular décor, to delicious food and drink options, to a welcoming community. These efforts across all of the RHG concepts — El Hefe, Whiskey Row, Riot House, Hand Cut, and Farm & Craft — culminate in what anyone would call the perfect night out (especially when it’s captured on an UPshow screen!)

Here’s how Riot Hospitality Group masters the UPshow Effect:

Celebrity Shoutouts

What’s better than a celebrity visiting your venue? A celebrity posting about visiting your venue! When Bob Saget stopped by Whiskey Row Nashville, he shared this photo from his visit to the UPshow screen. As a result, any of his one million fans passing through Nashville will know that Dierks Whiskey Row has the Bob Saget stamp of approval, making it well worth a visit!

Influential Employees

Customers aren’t the only ones who can grace the UPshow screen! El Hefe has a significant amount of staff who double as influencers online. Getting employees excited about using UPshow is great because it helps guests become equally excited and involved. Having employees with a strong social media following use UPshow is even better, because when these staff members post, they’re also promoting the business to all of their followers outside the four walls of the venue.

Connected Marketing Campaigns

The best marketing strategies are ones that promote your brand while driving further interaction with future marketing materials. Here, El Hefe Chicago makes the best of both worlds by creating an UPshow spotlight that promotes their text club. Instead of getting into the mentality that the two marketing assets are separate (and relegating the above information to a boring table tent), they get clever and promote their special deals in the place where they’ll shine most.

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