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Spotlight: Senor Frog’s Orlando

Senor Frog’s Orlando wants you to unleash your fiesta! The lively restaurant’s rejection of silly rules and regulations and encouragement of hanging out, dancing, singing and all around acting in whatever way makes you feel like a Frog Star brings about fun social media content from customers. The intensity of the venue only heats up with those customer posts blasted on the UPshow screens and in return, Senor Frog’s Orlando has a seriously fun consumer-generated content frog-print on social.

Let’s see the “UPshow Effect” at Senor Frog’s Orlando- highlighting a few posts that aren’t just customer photos, they’re invaluable customer promotions:

Influencer Community Promotion:

DJs like Oskar Lares have large followings on Instagram who like to track down where he’s playing. When Oskar makes a post noting that he’s jamming at Senor Frog’s Orlando, his followers have just scored a new spot to go for a musical night out and Senor Frog’s has gained the top-of-mind awareness in the DJ community.    

Party Pic:

PartyLikeAFrogStar is more than just a hashtag, it’s the philosophy of Senor Frog’s! Customer pictures that show a true frog star party are much better than Senor Frog’s just telling you. This picture boasts that Senor Frog’s Orlando is a great place to bring your friends for a night out or even a special occasion such as a Bachelorette party!   

Customer Promotion:

Senor Frog’s Orlando organizes different giveaways, like the one this customer won above. The only thing better than actually winning a five-night stay in Cancun, is posting about it on social media and blasting it on the UPshow screen! This customer is merely showing off her winnings but all her followers are now alerted that Senor Frog’s Orlando is the place to be if you’re feeling lucky.


What better way to relax the Senor Frog’s way than with a drinking game! Senor Frog’s Orlando uses UPshow’s Spotlight tool to post engaging content like this “Beat the Clock” drinking promotion for customers to participate in.