Spotlight: Snowdragon Shavery

May 17, 2017

Fun, fresh and delicious doesn’t just describe the appealing dessert creation of Snowdragon Shavery but also the brand’s social content! Offering froyo, coconut water, macaroons and more, Snowdragon delights customers with “Snow Cream”. All these sweet treats are displayed with energetic zeal on Snowdragon’s Instagram account and its UPshow screen.

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at Snowdragon Shavery- highlighting customer posts that aren’t just pictures but invaluable customer promotions.    

Brand Boosting Company Posts:

Click through the images below!

Snowdragon Shavery’s social media accounts are explosive with informative and entertaining content. With such an established brand voice and image, Snowdragon is able to use the UPshow screen as an additional outlet of brand promotion. In venue, customers are seeing Snowdragon’s social posts collect on the screen and getting in tune with the overall branded sense.  

Foodie Attraction:

Whether you’re looking for a raw food, worldly cuisine, organic, junk food or everything in between, #Foodies are Instagram’s star on the scene. These social users help establish a particular brand image of your business to all their thousands of followers. When this influencer, @chicagoandfood regrammed to the Snowdragon Shavery UPshow screen, the social media scene begins to see Snowdragon as a Chicago staple. This is free promotion for Snowdragon that also elevated and categorized the brand on social media.

Consumer Fandom:

Besides the colorful imagery that’s simply attractive to any Instagram user, this post does a great job acting as cheerleader for the brand. With 115 likes plus multiple comments, this Instagram user, whose entire page is dedicated to what she loves in Chicago, has demonstrated the true word-of-mouth marketing that exists on social today. Because of her post to the UPshow screen, Snowdragon is receiving free promotion from her as she can’t stop raving about the treat in her comments section!

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