The Importance of Influencers

May 17, 2017

What's an influencer?

What’s in a name? Well, the definition. An influencer influences topics, trends, brands and people.

Influencers are essentially today’s role models. Remember that typical first conversation question, “If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?”? A few years ago, the typical answers would be Honest Abe, Gandhi, Kim Kardashian. Today, the answer is the Instagram blogger with 52K followers and there would be a request to make sure the dinner was shot layout style with all the food and drinks placed strategically on the table and published with the appropriate hashtags and tagging.

So, why are influencers important?

Why do people trust celebrities about skin care regimes and look to their friends to see what’s funny? Because we are looking to be influenced! We have a mass group of people on social media purposefully on the lookout for any influence on anything from what to wear to where to dine. This creates quite the opening for brands to step in. While people are looking to be influenced, you want your brand to be the one influencing.

How to make use of them with UPshow?

With UPshow, a business has an accessible outlet for influencers to post their content. The exciting concept of having your own social media pictures posted in venue like a jumbotron draws the trendy on-the-lookout-for-the-next-best-thing influencer to post. Once the business has the influencer's post on the screen, the business can easily interact and begin to build a relationship with them through UPshow's Social Media CRM.

UPshow partners are able to easily see who posts, how many times they post and more importantly, how many followers they have within this Social Media CRM. Those with a high number of followers are who you want to target as they have that key influential power. If your business has an influencer posting, this the perfect reason to reach out on social media with a like, love or comment.

  • Connected Commerce:

Connected Commerce allows a business to schedule automatic incentives and promotions to those who post on the UPshow screen. If an influencer receives a Connected Commerce message on their UPshow post, the business may have convinced an important customer to stay longer or come back again to shoot their half off chips and dip.  

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