UPshow Announces Acquisition by EverPass Media and Strategic Spinoff of Employee Experience Platform

July 2, 2024

UPshow, the leading on-premise engagement platform with two distinct product lines, UPshow CONNECT and UPshow SHIFT, is thrilled to announce a series of strategic transactions that will redefine the company's future. UPshow SHIFT, the employee experience platform, will separate to become its own independent entity known as Shift. Concurrently, the customer experience platform, previously known as UPshow CONNECT and now simply UPshow, is being acquired by EverPass Media.

UPshow and EverPass Media: A Transformative Merger

UPshow, the on-premise customer engagement and performance marketing platform, has been acquired by EverPass Media, a leading media platform for distribution of premium live sports and entertainment content to commercial businesses. EverPass Media is backed by the NFL and RedBird Capital and created specifically for commercial businesses. Additionally, TKO Group Holdings, the parent company of UFC and WWE, has made a strategic investment in EverPass, further strengthening its position and resources.

This acquisition accelerates EverPass’ business model by integrating UPshow's essential streaming, consumer engagement, and performance marketing capabilities into its IP-based content library, creating a comprehensive media platform for commercial businesses.

EverPass Media and UPshow Integration Highlights:
  • Centralized, Premium Content Hub: Allows for unparalleled flexibility with no capacity constraints, putting the power back in the operator’s hands.
  • Interactive Customer Experience: Engage with trivia, real-time betting odds, interactive stats, QR code activations and hundreds of short-form entertainment channels, all designed to deepen guest engagement.
  • Easier Management: Designed to simplify content management for venue staff with easy navigation, advance scheduling features, remote management and notification options around major events and games.
  • Data Analytics: Unlocks immediate insights into audience viewing patterns and preferences, equipping owners with actionable intelligence for content selection and allowing for sharper marketing tactics and promotions.
  • Performance Marketing: Seamless integration for key offers, loyalty programs and promotional campaigns, enabling targeted promotions to achieve greater measurable business results.
  • Innovative Ad Opportunities: Ability to create new revenue streams through ad products that engage and entertain.

All current services for UPshow customers will continue uninterrupted.

Click here to read the full press release.

Shift: An Independent Launch

UPshow Shift, the leading on-premise employee engagement platform, will now operate independently under the name Shift. This strategic move allows the team at Shift to have a laser focus on the growth and evolution of the product with greater precision and more rapid innovation.

Shift will continue to pioneer and transform the way businesses effectively communicate, engage and motivate their employees at scale through its advanced technology platform. This platform leverages digital screens and TVs as powerful channels for employee communication and engagement. As an independent company, Shift is set to expand and refine its offerings, addressing the increasing demand for effective, automated, and scalable employee engagement tools.

Key Highlights of Shift’s Launch:
  • Independence and Focus: As an independent company, Shift will have the agility and focus to tailor its services specifically to the needs of modern brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • Innovative Solutions:Shift will continue to develop its platform, offering new features, integrations, and enhancements to foster employee engagement and satisfaction. By leveraging these innovations, Shift will help clients achieve measurable business results, including improved employee retention, increased revenue, and operational excellence.
  • Seasoned Leadership: Shift will be led by an experienced team dedicated to driving the next generation of employee engagement solutions. The core Shift team is comprised of previous UPshow team members who have been integral in the development of Shift. Over time, this will be combined with new talent that brings outside experience, fresh perspectives and creativity for a well-rounded team that will take Shift to the next level.

Current UPshow SHIFT customers will seamlessly transition to Shift with uninterrupted screens and services. Visit for more information.

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