UPshow is Hearing Wedding Bells

June 26, 2017

From flowers, to cake, to shoes, to where the heck should you seat Great Aunt Josephine, it's clear the wedding can be just as hectic as it is exciting. A popular way to take some control of the day is a wedding hashtag for guests to use when taking pictures and posting to social media. But why not take it a step further and use those shared moments as a part of your reception's ambiance?

That's exactly what bride Kelsey Caulkins did when she enlisted UPshow to help make her wedding day extra special. With a large TV screen in the reception hall, Caulkins was able to display her guests's (as well as some of her own) social media pictures during the wedding using their hashtag, #TheNewestBerry.

Check out the clever ways this couple used the UPshow screen to take their guests through their love story all the way to the big day!

Walking Down Memory Lane:

The couple preloaded social media posts using their hashtag so that content would appear on the screen the second they plugged it in. These pictures displayed the couple’s story, highlighting relationship milestones, trips and good times. Not only are these posts great to look back on but also give guests content to view before and during the reception that personalizes the event.

Journey Down the Aisle:

Love’s not the only journey that makes it to the alter! Wedding preparation is a full-fledged adventure amongst friends and family for months prior to the ‘I dos’. While at the time these moments may seem stressful, it’s a time that all involved will end up remembering. By adding these moments to the UPshow screen, the entire experience from beginning all the way to the reception is documented and guests have the ability to see these exciting behind the scene moments like the bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner on the screen.

In Case You Missed It:

To the couple, the wedding day can turn into a blur. Relying on guest photos can be tricky considering some may not know whether to use a hashtag or forget to tag the couple. By having clear directions on how to post and the incentive of getting on the UPshow screen, your guests are more inclined to pull out their phones and take pictures with the correct hashtags. During the reception the couple can easily glance over to the UPshow screen to see snapshots of the day they have missed and after the reception those posts are collected neatly together with the hashtag.

In Your Eyes:

Wedding guests are there to celebrate the couple’s big day and by taking pictures to post to the UPshow screen, the couple now has sweet moments caught through the eyes of their guests.

UPshow was the perfect addition to our wedding! We received so many comments from our guests telling us how cool it was and how they had never seen it before at another wedding. We really wanted a lot of social media posts and we were blown away with how many people posted pictures using our hashtag. The team was so great to work with and made everything seamless. It definitely was a memorable addition to our reception!

Kelsey Caulkins (Bride)
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