UPshow on the Big Screens

June 23, 2017

Bigger is better, especially when it comes to screens. This summer, UPshow has made it big time on the big screen! From shopping malls, music festivals and tourist attractions, UPshow has displayed social media content and dynamic digital signage across the country on screens bigger than ever. These (sometimes) 100ft screens help draw attention to the various advantages of consumer-generated content and stunning social media displays.


GGP, the investment company that owns some of the largest shopping malls in the United States including the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas, has displayed UPshow-powered screens throughout its shopping venues. Most recently, UPshow worked with the Tennis Channel to showcase top social content from the French Open on GGP’s big screens.

GGP’s UPshow-powered marvel showed advertisers a unique and creative way to showcase brand’s social media content in high traffic areas such as shopping malls. The appealing and dynamic visuality of branded social media posts projected on TV screens so large no one can ignore them adds fun spectacle to the existing relatability of social media content.


At the Carolina Country Music Festival, everyone is a little bit country and a little bit digital influencer. UPshow has partnered with CCMF for the second year in a row and the numbers (including those screen dimensions!) still impress. In just a weekend time span, CCMF gained over 5,000 posts from those in the audience hoping to get their mug on the big screens next to their favorite country musicians.

With a handful of influencers ranging from fashion and lifestyle bloggers to southern-lovin’ girls, the biggest content came from the festival’s VIPs. A trend emerged from this year’s festival was the frequency and amount of posts from customers. One customer posted to the UPshow screen 41 times! In addition to the regular posters, CCMF encouraged more customers to post by providing contests that displayed the best 10 UPshow posts of the day. As the audience watched the big screens up above, wishing to see their post make the top ten, CCMF was utilizing the allure of the giant screens to encourage customers to post more using the hashtags.

UPshow empowers CCMF to create an experience where the customer feels like part of the entertainment while the brand gains valuable social media content documenting the successful musical fest.

National Harbor

National Harbor’s outdoor screen is so big that it even caught the eye of advertisers. The immediate draw to post a picture to one of the biggest screens at one of the most popular tourist attraction is strong; however, sponsored content has truly become the king of National Harbor. Mega brands like Blue Moon and Comcast to local businesses like Tanger Outlets present advertisements through UPshow’s Spotlight feature. National Harbor also utilizes UPshow’s Spotlight feature to showcase different events held at the popular tourist attraction. This summer, UPshow will display imagery of local bands to the crowds attending the Salute the Sunset concert series.

In addition to the heavy use of Spotlights, National Harbor guests still enjoy their must-have tourist pictures amongst the big brands glowing on the giant screen as well as influencers who take advantage of the undeniable large amount of eyeballs viewing the screen.

And who can resist snapping another UPshow picture within a picture when your smiling face is being shown to thousands? 

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