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UPshow Wins APEX 2021 Award of Excellence in Electronic Media – Multimedia

We’re thrilled to announce that UPshow’s won the APEX 2021 Award of Excellence in the category of Electronic Media — Multimedia. 

A nationwide casual dining restaurant and sports bar franchise needed to deliver streamed sports and esports content alongside their fully-customized and interactive digital messaging across over 1,100 of their locations, both corporate and franchise owned.

The client partnered with UPshow to create a bespoke digital communications platform that combined a custom entertainment solution, advertising capability, promotions and analytics. The complete product allows customers to actively engage with entertainment as it happens. 

The platform enables the client to run promotional messaging and advertisements, from limited-time offers to QR code-driven loyalty app downloads. During sporting events, customers can take part in betting while using their mobile phones to redeem location-specific, limited-time offers.

A franchise-friendly enterprise control center allows the client to run custom promotions from the corporate level across all locations while franchises can supplement with their own specials and tailor screens to their local audience. Engagement analytics roll up to both the franchise and corporate levels, providing the client with real-time feedback on their messaging, from limited-time offer redemptions to screen uptime.

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