UPshow’s Plan to Help Customers: A Message From Our CEO

March 17, 2020

To our customers,

I understand what a difficult week it has been with the rapid spread of COVID-19; the vibrancy of our client’s business depends on open doors and the presence of happy, engaged customers. My goal today is to let you, our valued customers, know that we have long term and short term strategies to help you get through this crisis; and to let you know you are not alone.   

LONG TERM: We are already hard at work preparing for the other side of this crisis. UPshow plans to accelerate you to normalcy faster than your competitors with a robust Back To Business Program.This program will include step-by-step guides for increased sales and customer engagement, custom curated content and access to our high-touch customer service.  We will utilize UPshow's experts from in house and throughout the hospitality, fitness and health industries to support you as you begin to re-engage your client base. Look out for more information soon. 

SHORT TERM:  Our teamhas been building consensus on the best customer activation strategies. Here is what we are seeing and recommending as tools to implement now: 

  • Engaging with previous customers now - don’t forget that you can identify customers that have posted on social media from your venue through the "Social Content" section of the UPshow Control Panel.  Thank them for their patronage and inform them of the current status (hours/delivery/pick up/etc OR hours/timeline/online classes) of your business. 
  • Announcing business updates regularly on social media - use your own social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) channels to keep customers informed on the latest, as well as encouraging them to spread the word of how they can help your business. 
  • Re-positioning UPshow screens - rather than a piece of paper taped to the window, re-position your screens to serve as outdoor-facing digital message boards that you can control from anywhere. Place near an entrance, drive-thru or anywhere with high visibility.  

If you have questions on how to implement any of these short term initiatives, or want to hear more about our long term strategies to help our customers, please do not hesitate to contact us at or via phone at (855) 787-7469. 

At UPshow we “LookUP” for our customers - this means now, more than ever, we have your back, and we intend to use the full weight of our technology, expertise and best in class service to help you, our clients, at this time. 

Thank you, 




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