Use Digital Displays to Get the Best Performance From Your Team

September 14, 2022

Data suggests that the average employee wastes over 90 minutes of a typical day at work. That adds up to more than 16 full days of productivity per year, per employee that your business could be missing out on.

Like other expenses, loss of productivity adds up. 

Focusing on workplace productivity could be the key to improving your bottom line, and digital signage is one easy way to take the first step.

Not sure how to start? Here are nine ways you can start using digital signage to bump up your bottom line and kick-start productivity.  

Understanding Digital Displays

Before we dive into how you can use digital displays to improve team performance, it’s worth taking a second to review what this technology encompasses. Here’s a quick overview of what digital displays are.

What are digital displays?

Digital displays are screens that share curated content. You’ve probably seen and interacted with digital displays in restaurants, stores or public buildings. They can be TVs, tablets or digital kiosks.

You may think of displays as being mostly for customers because you’ve seen them at the front-of-house or used for promotions, but digital displays can also be used to share targeted information with your employees and back-of-house staff.

Leveraging the power of digital displays in your workplace can add value and efficiency, here’s how:  

  • Improving productivity
  • Decreasing employee turnover
  • Boosting customer satisfaction

How digital displays work

Digital displays are comprised of two to three parts:

  1. Screens (TVs, tablets and monitors)
  2. Software
  3. Media player 

Once the hardware is equipped with signage software, you can start to create and manage the content you’d like to share on a scheduled rotation. 

Not all digital signage software is the same. It’s important to pick intuitive software that integrates across multiple digital platforms and allows you to see a return on your investment. 

Coupling these features with some of these recommended strategies will allow you to make the most out of what digital signage has to offer. 

Gamify the workplace to drive revenue growth

Gamified content has gained popularity in recent years, especially when it comes to training and staff development. It’s an effective way to increase engagement while asking people to apply skills and knowledge. 

It makes practice feel like play so that staff can make the most out of new learning material. This elevates traditional onboarding processes by incorporating trivia and making information easily accessible with posted tips and standard operating procedures. 

Digital displays aren’t just helpful in supporting new employees but can also help you move seasoned employees in new directions. 

Posting leaderboards to track key performance indicators and integrating displays with POS software helps spark healthy competition and incentivizes ambition. Share performance data in real-time to promote productivity and keep staff focused. 

It’s an especially helpful strategy to employ if you are embracing new business goals or implementing new standard operating procedures.  Displays allow you to set a common goal across departments and staff, establishing a collaborative workplace culture and developing a united front. 

You can easily create a custom display rotation for each of your screens or use a shared one across your venue to make your learning efforts as focused or wide-reaching as you’d like, all while keeping your employees directed, engaged and motivated. 

Recognize high performers

Employee recognition is one of many ways to avoid employee turnover. 

Verbal recognition is a step in the right direction, but digital signage can creates an environment that celebrates success and teamwork consistently without the need for meetings or emails. This goes a long way for deskless employees.

It’s as simple as creating congratulatory displays that highlight recent achievements, positive reviews, or staff shout-outs. Using displays to share this information allows everyone on payroll to feel appreciated and seen, regardless of how often they check their emails. 

Creating a culture of success and recognition means reaching everyone from accounting to your warehouse staff. It shows your MVPs that they are doing a great job and also models high expectations to peers. Plus, recognition motivates performance and keeps employees engaged to promote retention.

Keep employees productive

Many employees struggle to balance “busy work” with higher priority tasks. Sometimes, even simple bottlenecks in finding information can result in lost productivity. 

Digital signage can help keep employees working toward high-priority tasks. 

Sharing updated SOPs, scheduling information, or suggested prioritization of tasks can help your staff make the most of their time. Best of all, it helps refocus your employees and keep them engaged. 

Digital display solutions also create flexibility in customer-facing tasks. Medical clinics, casual restaurants and hotels use kiosks that allow customers to help themselves complete simple services such as:

  • Ordering food and drinks
  • Checking into a hotel room
  • Filling out check-in forms

It allows your team to dedicate their time and service where you need it most, and might even cut out some of the least engaging parts of their work. 

Get feedback about performance

Finding ways to get feedback to improve performance can be a challenge. Identifying both customer and employee pain points is the first step in improving experiences at your organization. 

Oftentimes, opportunities for feedback remain ignored because they fall outside of day-to-day points of access. Digital signage, however, can bring these opportunities to the heart of your organization, making it easy for your employees to offer feedback.  

You can share trackable QR codes in displays on your back-of-house screens to provide your employees with access to surveys. Surveys are a great way to demonstrate that you care about their feedback, plus they allow you to identify important areas of improvement. Just be sure to act on workers' feedback. The last thing you want is for them to feel like you ignored the valuable insights they shared.

Keep your team inspired and connected

Whether it’s across multiple locations, in your local community or within your team, facilitating connection is a make or break for employees. 

A lack of connection leads to burnout and disengagement

Digital displays create opportunities for your team to be connected to industry experts and news or leaders at other locations. This can shape employee performance by lending insight into best practices and new approaches.

You can leverage this simple strategy for building a more connected team by:

  • Sharing case studies highlights on digital displays 
  • Summarizing industry news 
  • Asking employees to share insights to display

Use this as an opportunity to motivate 

Create a culture of celebration and appreciation. 

Motivating employees with displayed recognition is a great way to encourage the behavior you want to see.  Here’s how you can use digital displays that inspire staff and thank leaders: 

  • Create a weekly “manager’s spotlight” 
  • Ask supervisors to share stand-out moments in different departments
  • Have a monthly team member recognition board where staff can shout out their coworkers   

Retain more of your workforce

According to a recent study by Gartner, annual employee turnover is expected to jump by 20%

For many companies, this may present a huge productivity loss – especially when it comes to filling advanced roles. Your business can save time, money and resources by avoiding high employee turnover rates. 

Digital signage makes this an attainable organizational goal. Here's how: 

  • Signage makes onboarding and in-role training easy and accessible
  • You can cultivate and maintain a culture of collaboration and motivation by keeping staff connected
  • Digital signage offers the opportunity for employees to share feedback which can improve SOPs and makes them feel valued all at once

UPshow SHIFT can help you get the best performance from your team

If you want to unlock the full potential of digital displays, then you’re going to need the right software. 

That’s where UPshow SHIFT comes in. Our digital signage software is a powerful, flexible tool that can help you get the best performance from your team.

UPshow SHIFT gives you:

  • Access to dozens of pre-built display templates
  • Intuitive tools to build your own displays from scratch
  • Built-in analytics features to assess the performance of your campaigns

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