What does #UPshow mean?

February 15, 2017

When is a hashtag, not just a hashtag?  When that hashtag is #UPshow.

At its core, hashtags are used so people can find, follow and contribute to a topic or conversation around specific events (i.e. #SXSW), organizations (i.e. #ChicagoCubs), stories (i.e. #2016Election) and anything else people want to communicate about.

What makes #UPshow unique, is that it’s the very first #hashtag that isn’t a noun, but a verb. When #UPshow is used at a venue that uses UPshow, The Social Marketing Platform for In-venue TVs, action happens.

When you #UPshow as a customer of a business...

15 seconds of fame!

When a customer is at an UPshow venue they have an opportunity to become famous! When the customer takes a picture or a video, and posts on social media using the correct hashtags (i.e. #JimsBurgers and #UPshow) their picture or video will instantly appear on the screens, creating that jumbotron effect that everyone loves.

Special Deals

When a customer posts about a venue on social media, it’s great for business.  So, business owners are eager to send a “thank you” to the customer.  UPshow’s tools empower customers to receive special discounts and promotions, like half-off menu items, that can be used immediately while in-venue, or the next time you visit!

When a customer #UPshow's at your business...


Promotion of your business!

While the customer is enjoying their 15 seconds of fame, the business owner can enjoy all of the organic authentic WOM-marketing their customer just provided them. The only way customers get on the screen is by promoting your business to the hundreds or thousands of people who follow them on social media. Back in the day, we used to tell one person at a time that Jim’s Burgers are awesome! Now, we’re broadcasting to all of our followers, accompanied by a beautiful image or video. It’s WOM-marketing, but on steroids.

Social CRM

When customers use the UPshow hashtag at a venue, they are automatically populated in the business owner’s UPshow control panel.  Here, business owners will see all of their customers who have #UPshow at their venue, sorted by the most frequent posted as well as the most influential.  Business owners can easily re-market to these customers both automatically and manually to drive outcomes that are important: Build a relationship, get them to return to their business purchase additional items or anything else!