Digital Announcement Boards: Promoting Your On-Premise Marketing Goals

Marketing priorities and customer attitudes shift frequently — and UPshow lets you respond just as quickly with Announcements, our proprietary digital announcement board software. Create announcements and deliver the perfect message for your audiences at the corporate, franchise group or individual store level, all designed to motivate customer action and help you reach your marketing and business goals.

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Introducing Announcements: A Digital Bulletin Board Software for all your Needs

Transform your screens into your own, brand-specific advertising network with UPshow’s digital Announcements.

Design eye-catching Announcements with our in-platform Canva integration — or leave it to in-house designers

Our in-platform Canva integration comes with hundreds of easy-to-use templates designed for multiple industries

Work with our in-house managed services team to design the perfect Spotlights for your business

Create Announcements Individually for Different Campaigns

Each of your screens has a unique purpose. That’s why we built the UPshow digital bulletin board software to accommodate the needs of every audience and individual screen in your venue.

Integrate Announcements into your marketing campaigns to achieve your business objectives

Update your screens or electronic bulletin boards at all of your locations in real-time

Collaborate across locations to make quick updates to all of your announcements boards

Dynamic programming that defies the linear cable TV model

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Granular Content Control over your Digital Notice Board

Our marketing engagement platform offers a straightforward dashboard that allows you to manage your Announcements, content scheduling and in-depth analysis tools in one location.

Provide templates for individual locations and control content options, either through your in-house marketing or Canva

Limit entertainment options to approved channels

Provide diverse content playlists that appeal to all your audiences

Ensure on-brand experiences while delegating day-to-day screen management

Ready to try UPshow’s Digital Message Board Software?


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