Back of House Upgrade!

Boost Revenues

Reduce Employee Turnover

Increase Operational Excellence

The UPshow Back of House engagement platform enables your employees to view and respond to real-time information via in-venue TV screens and their mobile devices. Our system measurably improves employee engagement, training completion speed and productivity.

Why You’ll Love Our Back of House Platform

Engage & Retain Employees

Increased Revenues

Faster Employee Training

The Best Way to Engage Back of House Employees

UPshow’s software is driving value throughout the hospitality industry across over 8,000 locations.

Boost Individual Performance

Rank servers or cashiers by item sales

Create a spirit of competition among staff members

Directly impact server and cashier behavior

Drive higher sales

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Boost Team Performance

Unify teams around company-wide goals and objectives

Create a culture of winning among individual employees and larger teams

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Employee Recognition

Celebrate employee milestones

Boost employee morale

Drive higher retention

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Reduce Early Turnover

Welcome new employees

Display employee profiles

Make fast friends with your coworkers

Strong friendships drive retention

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Engage Employees with Surveys

Create trackable surveys each month

Increase employee engagement and loyalty

Lower turnover

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Create Efficient Internal Communications

Communicate important HR announcements

Ensure quick and rapid employee consumption of important information

Consistent messaging across all shifts

Ideal for team huddles as well as district or corporate messaging

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Faster and Clearer Staff Communications

Your own private, TV network

Consistent messaging — all locations and shifts

Ideal for for team huddles, district and corporate messaging

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Faster Employee Training

Notify staff of mandatory training

Highlight employees who have not completed training

Ensure staff can access training programs immediately by scanning QR codes on their phones

Decrease time to completion by up to 30%

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View Important KPIs in Real-Time

Display sales and operational goal completion in real-time

Unify teams and locations around business objectives

Celebrate successful goal completion to create a spirit of camaraderie among employees

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Increase Operational Task Completion

See incomplete and complete shift tasks at a glance

Address operational concerns before they arise

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Get in Touch With UPshow

Reach out to learn how you can drive more customer engagement with our customer engagement platform.

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