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Deliver the Best In-Clinic Patient Care Experience with UPshow Health

UPshow Health is the only on-premise marketing platform that allows your healthcare system or clinic to drive greater revenue, improve the patient experience, and retain patient volume while growing repeat visits.

“UPshow’s content library is robust with entertainment options that appeal to kids, teens and adults which is great because we have the ability to customize and localize content for each clinic. I also love all the technology options that can bring in other media channels into the reception area. We’re now able to control all the marketing content on our screens, allowing us to promote our treatment options, introduce our amazing orthodontists, create patient spotlights, highlight community partnerships and more. All these features have helped us improve the overall patient experience. Also, UPshow’s customer service is top-notch and they are an extension of the Smile Doctors team.”

Jenn McClain-De Jong, CMO, Smile Doctors

ENGAGE Patients

Encourage Valuable Patient Interactions and Increase Patient Satisfaction

Capture patient attention with impactful messaging at the highest points of intent throughout your clinic

  • Generate more positive online reviews across the sites that matter most to your clinic or practice, like Google and Yelp
  • Share informative displays about your clinic and your staff that can help build connections and grow loyalty over time
  • Leverage social media to help build a sense of community among patients by encouraging them to share their photos and videos of their journeys and successes for all to see
Spotlight - Healthcare - Relaxing Trivia


Take the Anxiety Out of Wait Times

UPshow Health provides your healthcare system or clinic with an array of anxiety-reducing entertainment options.

  • Help your patients relax with content that is specifically curated to help put them at ease with nature scenes, mindfulness tips, trivia and more
  • Provide educational content to reassure and empower patients
  • Transform your waiting room into a more engaging experience with customizable trivia games

See our patient experience platform in action


Encourage Revenue-Driving Behaviors

UPshow Health allows your healthcare system or clinic to improve on-premise marketing efforts with tested and proven revenue-driving tactics.

  • Create more selling opportunities with increased app downloads, and maintain a connection point with patients beyond the four walls of your clinic or practice
  • Promote new and ancillary products and services
Spotlight - Healthcare - App Download


Remove the “Hard” from “Hard Sell”

Where aggressive sales tactics can alienate patients, UPshow Health provides a softer sell. Patients see your offers on-screen, often mixed in with soothing entertainment, and can initiate conversations with your team when they’re ready to make a purchase.

  • Highlight new product or service offerings
  • Showcase specials for high-ticket services, such as Invisalign or dermabrasion
  • Drive sales by informing patients in organic conversations and empowering them to ask your team questions


Bring Patients Back for More

Make patient retention more manageable with UPshow Health. Use your in-clinic screens to highlight special offers or discounts on services that can only be redeemed at a future visit and watch your retention skyrocket. 

  • Provide limited time offers on popular products or services
  • Promote in-clinic events and incentivize patients who attend with gift cards or vouchers for new services
  • Create a sense of community among your patients, increasing their likelihood of returning

Multi-Industry Signage Solutions

By Industry

Understanding Patient Experience

Many patients dread going to care providers. A single bad experience at any point in a patient’s life can create permanent issues for them going forward. 

Because of this, a positive patient experience is critical to their own care.

Beyond just care, patients have tremendous power to impact the business side of health.

With a single tweet, a patient can cause a PR nightmare for a healthcare business. A group of unhappy customers can review-bomb a clinic. At the same time, satisfied patients leaving many, positive reviews can do wonders. A viral video about a great experience with one of your providers could bring in multiple new patients.

No matter how you look at it, patients and the experiences they have on-premise matter. It is incumbent upon care providers to deliver exceptional care experiences.

But how do you do that? 

Providing exceptional service is one way to create a great patient care experience. 

If you run a hospital system, you should aim to connect patients with providers in your system so that their care is centralized and they only need to go to one location instead of multiple providers.

Likewise, a physical therapy company can provide the best patient experience by highlighting common exercises on their screens to keep memories fresh. Dental offices can create better patient care experiences through pain-free dentistry.

Unfortunately, patients want more than that. So how can care providers offer excellent patient care experiences in an increasingly digital world? 

Patient care signage integrated with a patient experience platform like UPshow.

“UPshow has given our company the ability to reach our customers in new and different ways. Whether it’s showcasing our services, giving tips to patients or posting a birthday shoutout, there are always ways to engage with our patients while they watch our screens. We are very happy to have UPshow in every one of our physical therapy clinics!”

Reagan Rosenhamer, Marketing & PR Coordinator, Preferred Physical Therapy

The Best 4 On-Screen Designs Driving Engagement, Revenue and Retention

Patient Experience Drives Retention + Revenue

Positive patient care experiences can do wonders for healthcare providers. We mentioned two positive outcomes above: good reviews and viral videos bringing in more new patients.

Sometimes new isn’t always better. Of course, every provider wants to grow and acquire new patients. A positive patient care experience helps providers grow clinics faster. 

It also helps providers retain more patients. 

Imagine you’ve taken your child to a pediatrician in a large healthcare system. While there, you remember you need to schedule your own annual physical. But in the rush of taking care of your child through their appointment and beyond, you forget.

What you need is access to your care provider’s app, which makes scheduling appointments much easier. But you don’t know an app exists because it’s not advertised anywhere. The next time you care for your child, you may remember you need to make your own appointment, but maybe you won’t.

Now, your personal care journey has suffered, and in the tumult of daily life, your care provider may have lost a patient. But they didn’t have to.

If that healthcare system combined patient care signage with a patient experience platform like UPshow Health, they could have advertised their app on their in-clinic screens. More than that: they could have advertised their app alongside a special offer (free skincare consultation with an in-system dermatologist!) to incentivize app downloads. 

Other clinics using patient care signage alongside a patient experience platform might run special offers such that they can only be redeemed on the next visit. That’s brilliant! Not only are those clinics retaining more customers, but they’re driving additional revenue they otherwise would not have made.

If you think a patient engagement platform is right for you (and we can promise you that it is), talk to us today.

“UPshow is such a valuable partner that none of our clinics are officially open until our screens are on and powered. Being able to create a local, community feel via user-generated and localized content enables us to provide a best-in-class patient experience alongside the great care our team members deliver to patients every day – Matt Anderson, Senior Director of Consumer Marketing, ATI Physical Therapy”

Matt Anderson, Senior Director of Consumer Marketing, ATI Physical Therapy

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