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UPshow Premium Audio Powered by Music Choice 

Easily Stream Music for Your Business

Enhance your customer, patient and employee experience by setting the perfect atmosphere for any business, any location.

Curated Streaming Music Stations To Fit Your Vibe

With UPshow Premium Audio, you’ll have access to a vast library of over 50 stations from Music Choice’s selection. No more endless searching for the right tracks to fit your brand’s personality – simply select a genre and we do the rest. No DJ skills required!

Select From Our 50 Most Popular Commercial-free Music Stations

Play music from your customers’ favorite artists and genres, from relaxing Classical music to more upbeat channels like Pop Hits, Today’s Country, Solid Gold Oldies and more.

How It Works

Control Your Sight and Sound All in One Platform

Pair your UPshow screens with premium audio to create an immersive brand experience without the hassle of managing multiple vendors.

Get Setup in Minutes
The UPshow Chromebox and software are all you need to stream music through your TV screens.

Choose Your Station
Pick from the top 50 curated stations across all genres with your favorite artists.

Enhance Your Customer Experience
Your music will play seamlessly with the content on your screens to create a holistic audio-visual experience across all your locations.

Streaming Audio and Music Options for Any Business

  • Fully legal audio for all your on-premise locations
  • Pick from our 50+ expertly curated stations featuring your favorite artists or genres
  • Centrally control music for 1-1,000+ locations
  • All-in-one platform allows you to consolidate your vendors

Find the Right Audio for You

Background AudioPremium AudioPremium Audio with Announcements
Instrumental Non- Recognizable TracksCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Commercial FreeCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Fully LicensedCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Control Music By LocationCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
50 ChannelsCheckmarkCheckmark
Wide Variety of TracksCheckmarkCheckmark
Music from Top Artists and GenresCheckmarkCheckmark
Music Content RatingsCheckmarkCheckmark
Custom Audio MessagesCheckmark

Learn how premium audio can benefit your business

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