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Detailed Digital Signage Analytics to Keep Customers and Employees Engaged

Measure and visualize the performance of your on-screen content, mobile engagement behavior and campaign conversion to optimize your displays and drive business outcomes.

Track Engagement

Know what behaviors engage your customers and employees so you can drive better business outcomes.

  • Automatically record scans from any QR code created within the platform
  • Add tracking code on any owned web property to get a complete view of your marketing attribution
  • Assign dollar values to specific campaigns and accurately measure ROI at the corporate, franchise or individual location level

Analyze Results

Quickly visualize your data to understand if your customers are taking action

  • Understand how long a campaign is on-screen before your customers take action
  • See the breakdown of content types displayed across your screens 
  • View performance by location and get a detailed view of how specific campaigns perform
  • Export your data to conduct a deeper analysis and share reports

Optimize Campaigns

Optimize your strategy to ensure your marketing dollars positively impact your bottom line

  • Use the in-platform analytics to make informed decisions on tweaking your CTA, design or messaging for better results and improved campaign performance.
  • Update campaigns and change entertainment based on real-time engagement data
  • Assign and measure dollar values to calculate your ROI

Use Success Metrics to Guide Decision Making

Conversion and Engagement Analytics You Can Use


Attribute screen-to-mobile conversion like never before

End-to-end tracking helps you understand if your on-premise mobile engagement strategies are working. Easily add our JavaScript snippet to your most important web destinations – like appointment scheduling or a loyalty program sign-up – to collect and send conversion data to our platform.


Quickly view and interpret relevant data

Your screens are visual experiences. Your data should be, too. Our dashboard lets you intuitively access and view your data to make fast, informed decisions. We contextualize key data points and enable you to optimize your campaigns for conversion.


Easily share the latest data

Quickly filter, sort data, or download a CSV file to fully control your analysis and make your data work for you and your team.

“Anything with a QR code we can track. We can track not only the total number of scans but also by region and individual store. So we can see the number of guest scans we have, for example, in Dallas versus New York. We also promote our app so guests can easily scan the on-screen code to download it and that helps drive sales.”

Gretchen Seller, National Brand Marketing Senior Manager, Dave & Buster’s

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