Get Better Results from Your In-Venue Marketing Campaigns

The screens in your venue should do more than entertain — they should engage. With UPshow Connect, transform your screens into revenue-generating tools that grab customer attention, drive action and provide measurable results.

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Increase In-Venue Engagement

Easily create marketing campaigns utilizing QR codes, allowing customers to access your app, limited-time offers, special promotions and more from their mobile device. Utilize QR codes across multiple channels, from digital to print, to create a cohesive experience.

Promote Key Marketing Messages

Ensure your most important messages are always visible with UPshow’s Fixed Panel. Keep key campaigns on-screen alongside secondary marketing messages.

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Broaden Campaign Reach

Curate your most important campaigns on a mobile-friendly landing page so that customers can access them all from one location. This optimized, post-scan experience maximizes campaign awareness and revenue-generating opportunities.

Cross-Channel Functionality

UPshow Connect allows you to track campaigns through digital and traditional channels with Smart Paper, perfect for high-visibility locations in venue that don’t accommodate screens. Use Smart Paper to reinforce campaign messaging on table tents, posters, brochures or flyers.

Track and Optimize Every Campaign

Measure campaign performance across all your channels and gain actionable insights all in one easy-to-use platform.


UPshow Connect Features

QR Code Campaign Builder
Fixed Panel
Campaign Hub
Smart Paper
Campaign Tracking

Know Your Costs

UPshow Connect is included with all of our packages and lets you build, run and monitor multi-channel marketing campaigns from $50/month.

Create a Holistic Brand Experience

Your customers will never miss a promotional campaign while within the four walls of your venue

Boost Revenue
Improve Campaign Visibility
Increase Engagement

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