Keep Customers Coming Back for More with Watch to Win

Keeping customers in-venue for the length of the Big Game isn’t always easy. That’s why we created Watch to Win. This unique, in-venue engagement tool transforms any game into an interactive experience that keeps guests at their tables, ordering food and coming back for more.

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What is Watch to Win?

It’s the game within the game — an in-venue companion experience to live football.

You pick an outcome

Your customers watch the game

Everyone wins!

Choose Your Team

Pick any NFL Football team to set up your game-day event.

Watch to Win builds suspense and excitement during any home team games or prime-time matchups.

Choose Your Outcome

Pick an in-game outcome. If it happens, your customers unlock a prize of your choosing.

If Tom Brady throws 5 touchdowns, guests win a free appetizer on their next visit.

Win + Redeem!

If the in-game outcome occurs, customers win a promotion that they can use for their next visit.

Customers have to stay until the end of the game to receive their prize, increasing length-of-stay and driving bounce back when they return to cash-in.

What the prize is — and how customers redeem it — is totally up to you. Simplify the redemption process with an on-screen, trackable QR code that provides instructions.

Everyone Wins with Watch to Win

Attract more customers to watch the game in your venue

Increase length-of-stay as customers stay to see the outcome and win their prize

Boost revenue/check size as customers stay longer and spend more

Drive bounce-back with a promotion that encourages repeat visits

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