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Whether your business goals center around reviews, app downloads or something else entirely, compelling customer or patient engagement isn’t always easy. Lean on our expertise to drive the customer or patient actions that matter most.

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Nationwide Chain Drives Significant Revenue with Increased App Downloads

A nation-wide restaurant and entertainment company wanted to increase weekly app downloads. Industry experts at UPshow devised a number of rigorous tests to discover key drivers for app downloads, including:

Message duration and frequency

Display locations

Creative design

Sports betting and interactive games

Testing these levers in isolation and together allowed the company to discover the best combination of drivers, resulting in revenue growth of $66 million across the chain.

$66 million revenue growth chain-wide

183% increase in app downloads

“UPshow’s platform allows us to schedule complex, separate content strategies in each, unique area of our venue so we always know our customers are engaged.”

Our Work

Brand-Safe Designs

QR Codes Simplify Engagement

Incentives to Drive Action

Scintillating Product Shots

Eye-Catching Animations

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