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Drive Success with On-Screen Marketing Campaigns

Leverage contactless content and digital signage to grow customer engagement inside and outside the four walls of your venue. UPshow’s software offers complete control of your digital marketing campaigns from design to delivery. Our user-friendly software allows marketers, administrators and venue managers to easily control multiple screens and distribute targeted campaigns.

Build Customized Marketing Campaigns

Businesses of all sizes successfully create and manage marketing campaigns with UPshow’s marketing engagement platform.

  • Simplify content creation through our in-app Canva integration, providing access to royalty free stock photos, videos, music and more
  • Unique account structure makes it easy to manage branded assets and engagement
  • Engage customers with more than 500 entertainment channels and hyperlocal content
  • Highlight promotions and drive engagement with QR codes on both in-venue screens and traditional print mediums
  • Integrate social media feeds into your marketing campaigns

“UPshow’s Canva integration allows me to build campaigns and highlight current events on a much more convenient and effective basis, driving continued engagement from our members.”

Jason Neumann

Fully Control Campaign Deployment

Display the right message to the right audience every time, because you know your audience best.

  • Schedule and deploy campaigns easily with Playlists
  • Plan short or long-term campaigns, pause and edit as needed — month by month or even by entire year
  • Achieve any granularity required, including customization on a screen-by-screen level
  • Role-based account profiles 
  • Remote screen monitoring tools plus regular maintenance to ensure your screens are always functioning
Screen in UPshow's digital signage content management platform showing content mixes and percentage of each content type

Ready to Start Your First On Screen Campaign?

Monitor Your Campaigns with Digital Signage Management Software

Measure your results. See if your campaigns succeeded or optimize your strategy.. 

  • Integrate with your point of sale (POS) system to measure success
  • Monitor remote devices and minimize downtime from any and all locations
  • Track customer engagement with QR codes
  • Create valuations for every campaign during campaign creation
  • Ensure marketing dollars positively impact your bottom line
Insights in UPshow's digital content management platform showing promotions' appearances, engagement and value generated.

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Get in touch to learn how UPshow can help you create digital signage campaigns that make an impact.