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Tackle your most ambitious marketing campaigns with UPshow’s digital signage solutions. Our team draws from expertise in multiple industries, offering comprehensive and unique perspectives on the best solution for your business objectives.

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Campaign Management

Whether you have a robust marketing team or a scrappy one, UPshow’s Campaign Management uplifts your on- and off-screen marketing campaigns. With Campaign Management, you:

Work directly with experts who understand your industry’s unique needs

Build omnichannel marketing campaigns from UPshow manager, from social to in-venue TV screens to print media and beyond

Build omnichannel marketing campaigns from UPshow manager, from social to in-venue TV screens to print media and beyond

Gain insights into cutting edge entertainment options and marketing tools, putting you ahead of the competition at every turn

Professional Services

Every member of our team combines knowledge of your specific industry with best practices to drive customer and employee engagement.

Align business goals and objectives with industry best practices

Create a custom engagement plan integrating your brand design, data and technology

Continued evaluation of industry trends to keep you ahead of paradigm shifts

Keeps your business one step ahead of the competition

Bespoke reports that analyze your campaigns and continuous improvement

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Managed Services

Our marketing engagement platform offers a straightforward dashboard that allows you to manage your Announcements, content scheduling and in-depth analysis tools in one location.

Provide templates for individual locations and control content options, either through your in-house marketing or Canva

Limit entertainment options to approved channels

Provide diverse content playlists that appeal to all your audiences

Ensure on-brand experiences while delegating day-to-day screen management

Strategic Services

The media landscape is constantly changing. Our professional services team keeps a pulse on market trends so you don’t have to.

Regular evaluation of consumer market trends informs our channel selections, from news to esports to pay-per-view events

Bespoke applications to drive customer engagement

White-label game offerings with new screen-to-mobile gaming options

Scheduling assistance based on regional and local markets

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