17 Enticing and Informational Digital Signage Content Examples

April 28, 2021

Digital signage content is a fantastic way to connect with customers and keep employees engaged. 90% of the information that’s transmitted to the brain is visual. Digital signs leverage this fact to benefit your business.

They do a good job of it, too. 80% of shoppers say they’ve entered a store because a digital sign caught their interest. One reason that these signs are so impactful is that they can be used for many different purposes.

That’s why we’ve put together these enticing and informational digital signage examples of content to inspire you. Keep reading to discover all the different ways that you can use content for digital signage to make a connection, get through to, and connect with your audience:

  • 17 different types of digital sign content you can use
  • How each digital signage use-case can impact your company
  • Why UPshow is the perfect digital signage content management solution for optimizing your digital signs

17 enticing and informational examples of content for digital signage

1. Try digital sign video content like TV shows

Digital signs offer numerous ways to keep your guests entertained. Using them to display TV shows and video content is one of the best examples of this. 

Platforms like UPshow provide more than 500 streaming channels for your customers to browse through. You can even display your ads during commercial breaks to boost your in-venue marketing efforts.

2. Share your social media profiles on the digital display boards

More than 82% of people in North American use social media. So why not display your company’s social media profiles on your digital signage? You could showcase customer testimonials, product information, and the latest news on your company.

You can even display your guests’ social media posts on your signs. Just tell them to use your hashtag and you could get some free advertising out of this practice.

3. Experiment with image-based digital signage

Companies can also use digital sign boards to help set the correct mood in their space. One way to do that is by displaying images. 

For example, a hotel in a tropical location might use digital signage to display beautiful beach shots from the surrounding area. Or a renewable energy business might use their digital signs to display images that promote a sense of refreshment and renewal.

4. Make announcements with notices and updates on digital display boards

Your digital signage is a great way to communicate important updates and notices to both your customers and employees. The signs are strategically located throughout your space anyway, so they can spread whatever message you have to send very quickly.

Office digital display boards can further be used to share performance updates, upcoming meeting details, and even the status of conference rooms in terms of when they’re booked or free.

5. Trending news stories on your digital screen displays

You might also use your digital signs to keep your customers and employees informed about what’s happening in the world or the region. 

If the news stories that you display resonate with your guests, they’ll likely stick around a bit longer to check them out. For some businesses (like coffee shops and casual restaurants) this could lead to an uptick in business.

6. Industry-specific informational signage

Your company can also get a bit more industry-specific with the news that it shares through digital signage. This can be a great way to keep your employees abreast of the most important changes that are happening in your sector. Display industry-specific news can also give your clients something to think about while they sit in your waiting room.

7. Display your company’s story on the digital screen

Creating a memorable brand is about distinguishing your company from others in the space. One of the best ways to achieve that is with a strong origin story that resonates with clients. 

Once you’ve come up with that story, you can share it with everyone who visits your building by displaying it on your digital signs. Doing this can be a great way to reinforce your brand image to anyone who visits you.

8. Use your digital display board to show your menu

Digital menu boards offer restaurant owners a number of significant upgrades over traditional menu boards

For starters, they’re much easier to update. You can do so by just making a few changes on a computer instead of having to print out a completely new sign.

Additionally, digital menu boards allow customers to browse your offerings and pick out what they want before being seen by an employee. This can boost the efficiency of your restaurant’s ordering process.

9. Proudly present customer reviews on your digital signage screen

More than half of U.S. shoppers say online reviews are the most important factor they consider before making a purchase. That means encouraging your customers to leave positive online reviews for your business could have a huge impact on your profitability.

Digital signs can help with this. You can display customer reviews from sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor on them. When a customer sees that you do this, they’ll be more likely to put in the effort and post an online review for you. As the positive reviews pile up, you could find yourself with a bunch of new business opportunities.

10. Encourage competition with digital screen leaderboards

Displaying leaderboards can be a super-effective way to use your digital signage displays. This practice is great for fitness centers

If you have smart technology in your gym, your visitors can use it to track data like the number of calories burned in a cardio session or the amount of weight lifted on a specific machine. You can create a fun spirit of competition in your visitors by displaying these results on your digital screens.

Businesses can use this strategy as well. For example, you could create leaderboards that rank the success rate of your sales staff. Doing so could push that team to greater heights.

11. Surprise customers with lightning deals on your digital sign boards

Lightning deals are a great way to influence your customers to purchase a specific product from you straight from digital signage screens.. In-venue lightning deals displayed on digital signage could seriously boost your sales numbers.

For example, a bar might put a specific drink on sale for one hour only. Or a casual restaurant may have a lightning happy hour event every so often to reward its loyal customers.

12. Engage your audience with trivia questions on your digital signage

Trivia games are a fun way to keep your guests engaged while at your venue. Digital signs are the perfect way to organize them. You can use the screens to broadcast questions and answers in between other programming or as a stand-alone feature.

Either way, your customers will make sure that they keep an eye on your screens to see whether they were right or wrong. This is a great way to get them to pay attention to the ads that you want them to see.

13. Spread wisdom with meaningful quotes on digital signage boards

Displaying quotes on your digital signs can be a great way to uplift and inspire your guests. This strategy isn’t a solution that will work for every business. But it can be very effective for some companies.

For example, a gym could display inspirational quotes from well-known figures in the health and wellness community. Similarly, a spa could display calming quotes that encourage the company’s visitors to relax and recharge.

14. Combine advertising and digital signage to launch products

When you release a new product, you need to let your customers know what it is and why it’s beneficial. Digital signage makes it easier to do this.

Restaurants can use digital signs to display enticing photos of a new dish. Healthcare clinics can display important information about a new service or program. Regardless of what you’re advertising, you’ll want to intersperse the ads with entertaining content on your digital screens to keep your customers engaged.

15. Entice with interactive forms on your digital signage boards

Investing in interactive digital signage can be a good decision for many types of businesses. One true reason is that you can use the screens to provide interactive forms for your guests to complete.

There are many things that you can accomplish with these. You might use the forms to sign guests up for a loyalty program. Or you could use them to get guests signed up for contests that you have running.

16. Connect with employee profiles on your digital display boards

As your company grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for your employees to connect and understand each others’ areas of expertise. Digital signs provide an easy solution to this problem. You can use them to display snapshots of individual employees and what makes them unique.

This can be a great way to highlight the contributions of existing employees. It can also be a good way to introduce new hires to the rest of your team.

17. Business sign examples of past projects

One of the best ways to impress prospective clients is to show them how you’ve succeeded in the past. Digital signs in your waiting area are a great way to introduce the previous work that you’ve done to prospects that you’re meeting with. Doing this is a great way to set the stage for a successful meeting. Examples of signage being used in this form include displaying case studies or even direct feedback from previous clients.

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