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Gym Signage: Gym Marketing and Fitness Signage Solutions

Create a better guest experience by improving on-premise communications with custom gym signage. Drive sign-ups for personal training and classes while encouraging member referrals and providing relevant entertainment.

Use UPshow’s technology to curate a club experience that delivers valuable entertainment and deepens your club’s online and offline community.

Digital signage for gyms that says "Join us for a Free Pilates Class" with a QR code and class times listed.

Showcase your personal trainers’ availability, specialities and current promotions through the screens members are already viewing every visit.

Digital signage for gym that says "Meet James" with a QR code taking customers to learn more about the personal trainer.

UPshow’s customizable platform supports in-venue promotion of classes, increasing member attendance and social media sharing.

An example of UPshow's digital signage for gyms, with a screen displaying the fitness class schedule for two days.

* Scheduling integration available through ABC Financial at an additional cost.

Curate better-than-cable programming across your gym that energizes guests and keeps them informed about classes and training opportunities.

Basketball game on a gym tv, showing one of UPshow's possible fitness center entertainment options.

Always offer the most up-to-date safety and cleanliness messaging throughout your gym. Ensure peace of mind for your guests without disrupting their workouts.

Fitness center internal digital signage shows employee cleanliness and safety KPIs.
Woman runnning on a treadmill sees UPshow's digital signage for gyms

Gym Signs: Capture Guest Attention with Exciting On-Screen Custom Gym Signage


Your loyal members deserve relevant, updated entertainment and information that creates a deeper connection to your club. With more than 500 channels to choose from, UPshow makes it easy to curate the right content on your screens. Pick from local news, regional sports or viral videos and utilize your club’s sign design to create the right atmosphere for your guests. 

Create next level digital signage for your gym without the high cost and headache of cable. Using UPshow’s customer engagement platform, you control exactly what appears on your screens throughout the different areas of your club. Choose the local football game for the weight room area while the front screens show class schedules and screens in the stretching area display social media posts with your gym’s hashtag. Most importantly, by eliminating cable, you stream only relevant content for your audience, never allowing your competitors’ commercials on your screens.

Intersperse your own gym marketing within your streaming entertainment options. Promote value-driving messaging around personal training, class sign-ups and social media posts throughout the time your guests are in your venue. Drive impactful and effective gym marketing in high-traffic locations on the screens people are already watching. 

Social Media

One of the most powerful ways to use gym signs is putting your members on the screen — make your members the stars. Gym enthusiasts love sharing their photos on their social media feeds. Since they’re already showing off for their friends, encourage them to use your gym’s hashtag and display those photos on screens in your venue. This is a great way to make your guests feel validated, engaged and encouraged.

Plus, it’s free word-of-mouth promotion (and a no-cost addition to your gym’s marketing strategy). Today more than ever, people value word-of-mouth recommendations, and all of your guests’ social posts become an endorsement. Per a Talk Trigger report, 83% of Americans say positive reviews from friends or family influence their decision to purchase a service. That means social posts go a long way.

Gym marketing tactics that use social media ensure your guests feel like they’re part of a community, and that sense of community draws in others, too. That’s where digital signage for gyms makes all the difference.

“With UPshow, we can engage customers in our social community, which is huge for helping their personal fitness journey. Customers learn about our upcoming events, promotions and acitivies to help them stay more active through UPshow, too.”

Nathan Jesperson, Franchise Owner

A 5-Star Guide to Getting Better Reviews

Woman doing push ups with a personal trainer nearby. On the screen, UPshow displays a training promotion and QR code.

Drive Revenue Through Gym Signs

Personal Training

The cornerstone of many gym marketing plans is the promotion of personal training. Individualized training is a huge revenue driver for gyms, but getting guests to sign up for personal training can be difficult. Trainers don’t want to disrupt a guest’s workout, special offers are often forgotten and paper signs blend into the background.

So what should gyms do to drive members to engage with personal trainers? Capitalize on the way people’s eyes naturally gravitate toward on-premise screens. On-premise screens within your gyms provide the perfect location to promote your personal trainers for maximum impact.

Use the digital signage in your gym to highlight trainer availability, specialities and current promotions. Consider using testimonials or success stories from members who worked with that trainer. Show before and after pictures to motivate your guests to respond.

And, when your guests see a result they like, make sure they can take action at the moment of highest intent. Place a custom QR code on-screen to drive them to a trainer’s profile and commit to a session.  

Class Sign-Ups 

In the past decade, boutique fitness centers have had an undeniable impact on the larger fitness industry. These smaller facilities offer curated experiences and social interactions that promote a sense of community. Larger gyms know that to compete, they need to elevate the types of classes they offer and ensure those classes are well attended. Done right, these classes drive additional revenue while supporting member engagement and retention. 

Promoting these classes, encouraging members to attend and getting them to share those experiences are challenges for a modern gym marketing strategy. Gym signage on on-premise screens serves as a key component in this strategy by catching members’ attention throughout their experience in your gym or fitness center. 

Display class information on prominent screens so guests know exactly what you’re offering and when you’re offering it. Use UPshow’s customizable QR codes to make it easy for guests to download schedules, reserve a class slot, share with friends or post on social media. This scalable technology solution by UPshow offers fitness executives the opportunity to deepen connections with members—without creating more work for employees.

“My top location generates abount $8K a month in PT sales just from UPshow. All my locations are seeing incredible results and an increase in monthly revenue, exclusively from UPshow.”

Pete Cosentino, Vice President of Personal Training

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Man wearing a mask and sanitizing his hands with a screen showing the gym's sanitization and social distancing guidelines.

Members Work (Out) Smarter, Not Harder with Custom Gym Signs

Measure Your Impact

Fitness fads come and go faster now than ever before. It’s hard to know what will interest your guests now versus six months from now. To reach membership quotas, retain clients and make overall better business decisions, gyms need to rely on rapid feedback from guests to align their short and long-term strategies for revenue growth.

Engaging members directly through existing gym signage provides both direct and indirect feedback so that you can make those better decisions. UPshow’s analytics suite and integration of QR codes into your gym marketing strategy enable you to learn more and pivot quickly. 

You can track entertainment channel utilization through UPshow’s platform. Turn off unengaging streams and only show the kinds of programming that resonates with your guests. The relevant content keeps eyes on screens and helps inform guests about revenue-driving activities, like personal trainers and class sign-ups.

Compare QR code scans on personal trainer profiles to see commonalities.  Determine the most popular trainers and learn what drives their success. Use that data for future coaching and hiring of trainers. 

Gym signs enable you to measure and track guest engagement across your gym. Your guests will tell you exactly what they want based on how they engage with your gym marketing. Make informed business decisions based on what you know your guests want instead of just guessing.

Create Effective Communication Using Gym and Club Signs

Effective communication in gyms and fitness centers matters now more than ever. Use UPshow in conjunction with your on-premise screens to create gym signage, ensuring your guests are aware of all your most recent policies and procedures. UPshow’s digital signage for gyms makes it easy to update messaging as frequently as needed in an environment that’s changing all the time. You’ll never feel rushed to get to a printer because you can update your screens from anywhere.

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A masked personal trainer and woman working out. A fitness class promotion and QR code are on the screen behind them.
Woman in a fitness class lifting a kettlebell.
Woman in a fitness class lifting a kettlebell.

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