3 Healthcare Outcomes That Are Improved By Digital Signage and Waiting Room TV

June 17, 2019

In the era of value-based healthcare, improving quality of care scores for your practice is crucial. While many health systems are making big-picture changes to optimize for these guidelines, impacting scores can start in the waiting room, with the education and entertainment you provide to your patients.

Waiting room TV is a patient engagement tool that combines the best of other digital signage, entertainment, and education platforms to drive the best outcomes possible for your practice. Here are just a few that have been shown to improve with waiting room TV:

Patient Satisfaction

Engage patients and increase satisfaction by humanizing your practice with event photos and other upbeat content.

The #1 factor in quality of care scores is patient satisfaction. For many patients, healthcare can be tedious, stressful, or even frightening, meaning they’re likely to tune out during their wait rather than being present.

Waiting room TV engages patients with educational, entertaining, and calming content.  Interest-based entertainment feeds take their minds off pain and anxiety, and draws their attention to the TV. Fun on-screen content humanizes providers and makes the experience less intimidating.

Once their eyes are on the screen, you can display medical information, announcements, and reminders, like signage encouraging open dialogue with physicians. These hyper-engaged patients also have an improved experience recall as they spend more time actively involved during their visit.

Medication Adherence

Medication adherence is important. Use signage on your waiting room TV to share reminders.

It can be especially hard to make sure patients are fully educated about the ins-and-outs of their prescriptions during their visit, and static signage is easily ignored. Displaying this information via waiting room TV transforms the screen into a digital information hub that patients know to look to for knowledge.

Take the opportunity to share reminders about 90 day fills, setting medication alerts, and other important details while patients and caregivers are waiting. This will encourage them to ask questions and take action while the information is top-of-mind, rather than waiting until they’re home, where they may forget.

Mobile Tool Usage and Sign Ups

Increase mobile tool usage with interactive signage on your TV.

A great way to improve the patient experience, as well as makes practice administration easier, is by encouraging mobile tool usage, like apps for your healthcare system. Waiting room TV makes going mobile easy for patients with screen-to-mobile capabilities. Patients simply scan an on-screen code or enter a custom URL, and the information on-screen is transitioned seamlessly to any mobile device.

This technology makes using services like patient portals quick and intuitive. Patients can access scheduling, test results, physician messaging, and set up comfort care rides with the touch of a button.

Ready to improve your healthcare experience? Your practice will quickly start seeing results with waiting room TV by UPshow, the patient engagement platform built to drive the outcomes that matter most to your practice.

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